The World Famous Faye Boogie from Super Cr3w

America’s Best Dance Crew Season 4 is almost back, first week of August to be exact. Which means another 6-8 weeks of office pools, angry bicoastal text messages between my BcB colleagues and YouTube video research on dance crews.

Faye Boogie

Faye Boogie

It also means I have an opportunity to write about Faye Boogie, BcB favorite and AzN’s friend from back when kids rocked Mickey Mouse caps, Cross Colour shirts, Request Jeans, and black Latino gangsta Reeboks at Chaboya Middle School. Faye’s been touring with ABDC Season 2 winners Super Cr3w for a while now. She’s been in their Pepsi commercials, print/video ads for Billionaire Mafia clothing, and their official website. She’s also officially part of a few other crews, including Full Force (which some members of Super Cr3w are a part of) and World Famous (who tried out for ABDC 3, but didn’t make it past the trials).

She also makes and sells jewelry (graduate of fashion school and quite fashionable herself). You can buy her stuff at

To see how dope she is, check out these videos, including her and her crew World Famous battling (and in my opinion, beating), ABDC Season 1 crew Fish N’ Chycks:

And Faye Boogie’s own video collection:


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