UPDATE!! Letterman Wasn’t the Only One, Sarah…

why dave? why did you apologize (again)? i’m going to tell myself that all the morans at cbs corp made you do it after you adamantly said “kiss my 62 yr old ass” first. i’m going to tell myself that you did it for the fans who want to see you renew your contract so that you’ll grace our late nite screens, at least until 2012. the fact that this dumb bitch, who during her stump speeches throughout the election provoked hate filled shouts of racism and biggotry has yet to apologize to any of us, and yet has the audacity to demand an apology for a joke that was FAR less offensive than anything played out on SNL is what pisses me off. this is a textbook scheme to keep her f’ugly trashy face in the public view. this is her attempt to stand up for an “issue” that if genuine, would have been fought for long before the letterman fiasco. and if you accept this apology, accept it on behalf of yourself and your political career. don’t mask your self serving ulterior motive by saying that you’re accepting it on “behalf of all young women…who hope men who `joke’ about public displays of sexual exploitation of girls will soon evolve,” because if you were serious about this issue, you wouldn’t ONLY be targeting a man who politically disgrees with you, you’d take on FAT LIMBAUGH, BILL O’REILLY, DONALD TRUMP, THE WRITERS OF SNL, JAY LENO, CONAN O’BRIEN, ALL WHITE MOVIE PRODUCERS/DIRECTORS/WRITERS WHO EXOCITIZE [ASIAN] WOMEN and the plethora of other mainstream media men who’ve made way more elicit comments about the sexualization of young women. so until you’re ready to take on that battle, you need to sit down and STFU!


sometimes i wonder if republicans have a brain. seriously. like all those who voted for W back in the days and were so proud of it, are you still proud of casting that vote now that are economy is in shambles thanks to that dumbass? are you able to look at yourself in the mirror every morning knowing that you voted for the most ignorant SOB ever allowed in that [former] old white man’s club? can you proudly tell your grandchildren that you contributed to the economic and environmental downfall of the early 2000’s?

anyways, i’ve been following this whole letterman vs. that dumb heffa “controversy” because i’m a letterman fan. unlike my fellow bloggers, i don’t care for conan. yeah, i said it. i don’t see what the big deal is about conan o’brien. i’ve always been a letterman fan and have always picked watching him over that doritos guy. there are several reasons why i *heart* david letterman, this being one of them. letterman, along with his other late nite comedian counterparts poke fun at ALL political figures. and like all comedians, you have to know where and when to draw the boundaries for what is appropriate.  since i’m no where close to being a republican, to me anything republican is fair game. i mean, if you can’t own up to causing a global economic and environmental crisis then i say you deserve to get all the political jokes thrown your way. after all, they’re just jokes…word can’t hurt right, john mccain?

anyhow, so palin’s apparently got her panties all tangled up because of a joke letterman made about aRod doing the dirty with one of her daughters. but as shannyn moore points out in her article in huffpo, why now? snl made all sorts of “inappropriate” jokes about her slutty underage daughters, yet she still made her much anticipated appearance on the show. leno and o’brien both made jokes during the campaign about her knocked up offspring, yet, neither got any backlash for it. and where were all these f’n right wing “women’s rights” conservative groups when fat limbaugh called chelsea clinton a dog? or when john mccain called her the love child between janet reno and hilary clinton. so only republican children are off limits, but anyone else’s kids is fair game in the eyes of these closed minded conservatives? as for the national organization for women (now), don’t be a f’n hypocrite and name d.letterman to your “hall of shame” while you’ve conveniently looked past all these other figures who’ve made worse jokes/comments about young women.

so whether or not you agree that he went too far with his jokes, my question is why now? is it because you’re a media whore and need to keep your f’ugly face in public view to get ready for the next big election? is it because you’re a whiny heffa who feigns being a good mom by standing up for her kid? or is it cause you’re just stupid? whatever it is,  i say rock on letterman. see you at 11:35pm tonite.


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