Thu Tran: Hipsterist Foodie in Brooklyn

This is for Sherdizzle who thinks I ain’t into Vietnamese girls cause I’m one of those self-hating Vietnamese chaps. Not true! I hate Tila Tequila, but I’m digging Thu Tran, who just hit the bigtime with a mention in the NY Times Television section for her show Food Party , soon to be leaping from the internets ( to IFC

Cooking up sumpthin just before the Prom

Cooking up sumpthin just before the Prom

So what exactly is the show about? It looks like a crazy, shroomed out Pee Wee’s Playhouse, with puppets themed around food. Here’s the show according to the Times: “Ms. Tran can be seen enjoying a romantic dinner with a mustachioed French baguette that smokes cigarettes and wears sunglasses; cooking with kitchenware delivered to her by toy helicopters; and breaking into song as she picks doughnuts from a doughnut tree.” Here’s the first episode or check it out on IFC, Tuesdays at 11:15 pm: 

For more info on Thu Tran, peep the NY Times article to find info on her background (Vietnamese immigrant family from Cleveland/Cleveland Institute of Art graduate), who’s she dating (fellow alumnus Dan Baxter, founder of Kreepy Doll Factory), and the maturation of her hipster-ness (Brooklyn resident, from Williamsburg —> Bedford-Stuyvesant —> Greenpoint).

Thanks to the Arex for hooking this up.


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