Warriors: Same Ish, Different Year

Ridiculous. I can’t believe I’m sitting here in NY, and I’m a fan of a team that actually has a worst team and management than the New York F’N Knicks. Unbelievable. First the Warriors lose almost ALL of the players from the last playoff team they had (notice how I’m using “they” and not “we”), then they drop Chris Mullin as GM (who’s Knicks-bound now!), then shit really hits the fan this month and we’re not even close to seeing the Warriors ruin their 7th overall pick yet! And I’m not even referring to the Warriors stupid Director of Public Relations that got caught logging into WarriorsWorld.net as “flunkster dude” and posting up “anonymous” fan forum comments of praise for upper management on how they handled season ticket renewals, only to be caught because the web admin was able to trace his IP address back to the Warriors front office (doesn’t he know the Bay Area fan-base is all GEEKS?)

So what happened that’s pissing me off? All Warrior fans know Paul Wong, simple man, family man. Owner of one Hawaiian Drive-In chain in Alameda (oh snap, I’m craving a Loco Moco with gravy on the side as I write this). But most famous for single-handedly creating the WE BELIEVE phenomemon in the middle of the Warriors 2007 regular season, when the team had a 28-35 record and was nowhere near playoff contention. And what happened after that? An unbelievable winning streak that brought them into the playoffs and momentum from 18,000+ fans with We Believe shirts and signs that crushed the Dallas Mavs’s best record in the NBA in the 1st round of the playoffs. The Warriors promised Wong that they’d stop using the slogan after the season. They also promised him “season ticket holder of the game” at the last home game, which is stupid and mindless (ooooh, I’ve been a season ticket holder since the team moved out from Philly and all I got was this autographed Marco Belinelli Jersey?!?). And what did the Warriors do? No compensation, We Believe shirts for another year, and NO fan of the game. Dude was #1 fan of the YEAR! And now he’s CANCELING HIS SEASON TICKETS! How do you go from the Bay Area’s undisputed Warriors SuperFan to canceling your season tickets? Oh, the woes of being a fan of the most poorly run franchise in major league sports…

Vodpod videos no longer available.

So why do the Warriors continue to operate like school on sundays (no class)? Cause they CAN. We’re talking one of the most consistenly WORST teams in the Bay Area that doesn’t come close to the playoffs every single year, but an average arena attendance that ranks NINTH in the NBA?! NINTH! You know what that means? Even if they trade Biedrins and Ellis for the rights to the Lakers’ 29th overall pick in 2009 and decide to replace them with 7th grade basketball players from the local Oakland schools they use as halftime show amusement, fans will STILL be coming to games. So how do we solve this dilemma, other than getting the Sacramento Kings to move to San Jose for fan competition (hmmmm… What a coincidence, the NBA’s last place team in attendance is located exactly 120 miles from the 10th largest city in the nation with the most corporate tech headquarters in the world…). 

BOYCOTT THE WARRIORS. Easy as that. Stop going to games, stop buying jerseys for players that won’t be around in a year (I have a closet full of Speewell, Davis, and Webber jerseys), and stop watching games on TV. Don’t even be tempted with the twice yearly Kobe visits or the yearly Celtics or LeBron visits. Give it 2-3 years, and we’ll get what the City of Charlotte got, a new basketball team with better owners, in the same great Oracle Arena in the greatest region for basketball.


2 thoughts on “Warriors: Same Ish, Different Year

  1. hold on. i stopped reading after you wrote “Loco Moco with gravy on the side”. GRAVY ON THE SIDE?!?! WTF?!?! If you reply with “I dip the patty in the gravy”, I’m cutting you off.


  2. hell yea I ask for gravy on the side, then I pour that shit on. cause the filipinos that run LL’s pour that shit on there like I’m buying it per ounce! I ain’t crazy, I wanna see my grandkids grow up girl!


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