The Tragic Tale of the Putticks

Kazumi, Sam and Neil Puttick

Kazumi, Sam and Neil Puttick

I know we’ve been critical of interracial relationships on this blog, but this story goes beyond that and cuts deep. Imagine being happily married with a child in Westbury, Wiltshire in the UK. Then imagine getting in a car accident that paralyzes your 1-year old son. Then imagine him going through life for 4 years with a machine that helps him exercise or a chin operate controller that allows him to play Legos (Note: those YouTube video links are hard to watch). Then, if anything couldn’t get worse, your son dies of meningitis at the age of 5. I would like to say there must be another option than a joint suicide pact between husband and wife, but damn, little comes to mind…


2 thoughts on “The Tragic Tale of the Putticks

  1. for asians, interracial marriages are important in upsetting white female/white male sexual hegemony. while on the contiuum of sexual hierarchies blacks are coded as being a dissident sexual power structure in opposition to white sexual hegemony, asians have the ability to negotiate the undermining of western cultural imperialism from within.

    the following are rules for all asians working behind enemy lines, aka living on the western hemisphere- in the fight for Third World Liberation, all’s fair in love and war. rules for subverting:

    1. asian men, stop marrying blonde women, realize they’re all “beta blondes” anyway and are usually hideous. go find a nice brunette or jew, they’re more interesting and closer, culturally.

    2. asian men: marry a black person. and i’m not talking about light skinned (slave master children) blacks but some real heart-of-darkness senegalese princess with class.

    3. show beta-male solidarity with blacks by fully embracing our stereotypical traits, our faults and unique idiosyncrasies and “claiming them” for our own. like how “nigga” was taken back. the biggest mistake we can make is to try and overcompensate for our apparent lack of whiteness and to be lost in the white man’s own dream of white-male-ness.

    4. asian male sexuality has the opportunity to be an escape from binary white-black sexual experiences, a third space of subversive emotional experience that has the potential to be incredibly attractive. in the simplest sense while the binarism of white and black sexual cultures are always in opposition to each other, asian male sexuality must position itself in opposition to this opposition. think on that shit.

    1. asian women: teach your mixed race baby your asian language or, if you don’t know it, encourage all the character-building dilemmas that being between two cultures engenders. [caveat for japanese: your culture is already fucked- a perverse oriental prism for the west to see itself and preen, and surprisingly you already are a hegemony, please do all asians a favor and commit suicide, you are solely responsible for all the negative stereotypes.]

    2. asian women: marry more nordic american gentry, like blueblood families that ran rum during prohibition not short annoying nebbish jews (unless they are mega rich ashkenazis), really strike at the core of white privilege, especially at the core of white female hegemony; the sexual power of white women often gets a pass because of the cop out “all women are oppressed” while true, recognize in the orwellian sense, some are more oppressed than others.

    3. there’s no point in marrying other races other than whites. you will not become MLK, you are not curing racism, your baby will be tripled oppressed, there’s no point in all the headache. if you must, the most subversive race to enter matrimony in with is probably african, but once again, no slave master babies, just classy post colonial foreign exchange students.

    4. white female sexual hegemony means making you feel embarrassed about your sweet asian body, your boobs that will never sag, your features that won’t grow into a witch face when you hit 50 and hair that doesn’t look like a yeti’s asshole on a humid day. yet subversion means fiercely acknowledging one’s faults, don’t get plastic surgery.


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