Day 1 in the UK: North London

Day 1 in the UK: North London, Stokie’s Bar. Great local pub, reminds me of places in the Mission. According to a Yelp reviewer: 

“From the moment Stokie’s opens it stinky doors, to the moment they’re closed for business, it’s full of local ‘characters’ who seem to turn up in the morning still pissed from the night before and work on improving that state until the run out of money, or liver function.”

Not 3 hours into arriving in London, I was at Stokie’s, downing a pint after some halal good food. And the most magical of conversations was had by myself, Lili, and a Danish-Australian bloke at a pub called Stokie’s:

Aussie: Tap, tap, tap (on my shoulder)
AzN: What?
Aussie: I’m Rick.
AzN: I’m Vu.
Aussie: What?
Aussie: What?
Aussie: Wot part of China are you from? (in all seriousness. no joke)
AzN: I’m from the states.
Aussie: Wot? Yea, but you’re from China right?
AzN: No, I’m from California.
Aussie: What?
AzN: California!
Aussie: What?
AzN: CALIFORNIA! (by the third time, I thought I was drunk speaking with a Vietnamese accent. Then I realized it was him, not me.)
Aussie: Really? But no, where are your parents from then?
AzN: Viet Nam.
Aussie: Oh! I love Viet Nam. Love the food an’ all, you know. I used to work in the Australian countryside with lots of Vietnamese people. Farming and whatnot. Whatcha doin’ out ‘ere?
AzN: Chillin’. Visiting a friend.
Aussie: ‘alo. What’s you’re name?
Lili: Lili.
Aussie: You from Viet Nam as well?
Lili: My parents gave birth to me in Germany.
Awkward silence.
Aussie: So what do your people do?
azN: What?
AzN: What do you mean “what do my people do?”
Aussie: You know, your parents.
AzN: Computers and education.
Aussie. Oh. That’s not typical, is it?
AzN: What do you mean, “not typical”?
Aussie: You know what I mean, not very working class, really?
AzN: My family was not working class.
Aussie: You know what I mean. They weren’t working class?
AzN: My family weren’t farmers.
Aussie: Right, university professors then? (smirk)
AzN: Yes, some of them.
Awkward silence.
Aussie: I’m Danish, so its all very well and good then. I know what it’s like.
Lili laughing her ass off with her head in her arms.
AzN: Well, I’m done with my pint, gotta go. Nice to meet you.


6 thoughts on “Day 1 in the UK: North London

  1. TRUE STORY! Orientalism happens on the daily here so I stopped getting mad and just try to be weird. Last night I spoke like Yoda.


  2. … lovely ain’t it. How were his teeth? Did he have clogs on? And a baguette under his pits? Look good while yodeling? Right… the white people race is so predictable.


  3. FRIGGIN, in Australia, we call those white “ozzie” ignorants “bogans”….sounds like the typical ozzie bogan to me…..oh yeah, vinh be right, viets/chinese be GANGSTA downunder, lol, bet that fool never been to Cabra !!! lol


  4. oh yeah, forgot to add, in Australia, everyone HATES those bogan muthafuckas….sheesh, cant believe that theyre spreading overseas now…..goddamm bogan muthafuckers.


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