Britain’s Got No Taste

This is ALMOST as bad as when Kaba Modern lost to Status Quo in ABDC. But for those of you following the ascent of the lovely (voice of) Susan Boyle from her YouTube video, the 5th most downloaded clip on the site evah, then you know she’s been crazy big on the other side of The Pond. Which doesn’t explain how her performance didn’t win her the fans’ votes (although she did re-sing the Les Miserables song that got her ON the show: I Dreamed a Dream). But the worst part was a lame-ass hip hop dance crew called Diversity (I get it, its cute, they’re all diverse in race, gender, and age) won the whole show. These cats wouldn’t even be good enough for first round eliminations on ABDC! Come on! Watch Planet B-Boy Great Britain and then tell me why you voted for the poor man’s Status Quo. 


One thought on “Britain’s Got No Taste

  1. Ach! Ays cannae believe thit poor hen Boyle lost tae that nae-talent crew aw koomb-aye-yah shite! Fir fuck’s sake, is Britain takin’ tha pish? Dinnae associate me with the likes aw them! It’s them English wankers, goats nae taste, nae taste at aw! Well you’ve goat Scotland’s vote, lass! Keep drimmin’ thae drim, Susan!


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