Wolves vs Unicorns

It’s official, once you’ve gotten into the Washington Post because of a witty tongue in cheek review on Amazon and viral videos are circling the internets about your awesomeness, you have officially gone from ironic cool to played out status faster than Zachary Quinto can order up an iced double shot, no foam, orange infused textured soy milk cappuccino at Cafe Intelligentsia.

So now that the iconic ironic wolves sweatshirt has gone down the fashion drain (expect wolves sweatshirts to be clearanced out at Metropark and sold at your  local Millers Outpost, if you still got them), what’s next? My prediction: unicorns. Not to be mistaken with the Pegasus trend of the early 90’s, the unicorn will replace the wormhole void that the ironic wolf left in the Williamsburg and Echo Park communities.

Click on this legendary Unicorn to see why Unicorns p0wn all other animals.

Click on this legendary Unicorn to see why these mythical creatures p0wn all other animals.

So throw those things on eBay (it’s sooooo early 2009!) and let some poor sap in Kansas City impress his Flight of the Conchord season 1 DVD watching friends heading to a MGMT concert. And rock that unicorn v-neck that will make you look more futuristic than a pair of Kanye designed Nike LeBrons in NY Knicks Blue and Orange.

Thanks cbruhs for the videos. It was just the proof I needed to confirm the dominance of the unicorn over all other creatures, mythical or not.


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