Jordon Nagai: The Voice of Russell in Pixar’s Up

Jordan Nagai and his Animated Counterpart. Click here for Pixar's Up Trailer.

Jordan Nagai and his animated counterpart, Russell. Click here for Pixar's Up Trailer.

Aside from the usual Pixar shout outs to East Bay landmarks surrounding the Emeryville animation studio (Spoiler Alert: click here to find out the Oakland institution that is mentioned in the movie), the movie basically guaranteed itself an Academy Award with an amazing storyline that made 1.5 of the BcB writers almost cry. We’re not talking a Bambi’s mom kind of Disney tearjerker (dude, I was 5, ok?), but it makes you wonder why Dreamworks and Disney itself even bother having animation studios that release 2nd and 3rd runner-ups to Pixar’s yearly Best Animated Feature Oscarworthy films. But the capper is this, the lead character, Russell, an adorable sure-to-be-available doll at your local Disney Store, is voiced by first time Asian American actor Jordan Nagai. This might explain the lack of the usual Disney round eyes on our hero Russell. 

Vodpod videos no longer available.



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