F*&K YOU Prop h8’ers Supporters!

I’m back from being MIA from the blogosphere and I’m bitchier than ever. Why?

So today the CA Supreme Court decided to uphold the modern day Plessy v. Ferguson case, enabling the separate but equal manifesto to deny same sex couples the right to legally define their union as ‘marriage’. This is the same court that declared only a year ago that defining marriage as a union between a man and a woman in the CA constitution discriminates against one’s right to choose a spouse based on sexual orientation. In a 6 to 1 vote today, the CA Supreme Court decided that prop h8red does not qualitatively revise the state constitution and therefore, does not deny a minority group their constitutional rights since same sex partnerships are given the same domestic rights as non same sex couples. In that same breath, the judges allowed the 18,000 marriages prior to Nov 5, 2008 to maintain its legal recognition. WTF is all that suppose to mean? It means that once again, the separation of church and state is a bunch of bullshit. We all know this whole anti gay marriage campaign was driven by religious bible humping imbeciles that want to impose their holier than thou way of living onto everyone else. Before AZNheartthrob warns me that I’m booking a one way ticket to hell right now, I should clarify that no, I’m not dissing mormonism, christianity or any other religion. All I’m saying  to those religious freaks out there that likes to skew their guiding principles of life to enable them to live however they please, while judging others outside those principles, is GET OVER YOURSELF! However YOU want to define marriage then let that dictate your life, not anyone else’s. Don’t deny someone’s civil rights so that it conforms with your religious beliefs.  The laws and constitution that governs this state and country should not be defined by a bunch of crazies who think that they know what’s best for the masses of people. Additionally, this whole idea that God hates gays and the bible says so is BULLSHIT. Your precious bible was written hundreds of years after your lord and savior died, so unless He texted messaged you, wrote a wall post on your facebook or twittered that He hates gays, I have a hard time believing the validity that God hates gays. As a matter of fact, I bet you He’s booking your one way ticket to hell for judging and denying ALL of His children their legal rights. Yea, I said it, you proponents of prop 8, YOU’RE going to hell.

Why the need to legally define marriage for same sex couples under the constitution? It’s a matter of principle, human decency and legitimacy into this white heterosexual male dominated society that’s been built on years of inequality, racism, classism, sexism, homophobia, slavery, need i go on? The fact that our laws and policies can be inclusive of all people will help to shape the future outlook of our society. We’ve all grown up knowing that hate and ignorance has caused wars at home and abroad, so at any point that we can take a step towards breaking down those walls of ignorance we should grab hold of those opportunities. Prop 8 has challenged our ability to break down that wall of ignorance and hate against the LGTBQ community.  To have our constitution acknowledge that marriage SHOULD be defined as a legal union between ALL peoples, regardless of race, ethnicity, religion, creed or sexual orientation allows our future generations to grow up in a society that validates, accepts and honors all peoples. Lord knows we don’t need anymore hatred or ignorance in this world.

To all the proponents of Prop 8, see you in 2010 bitches.


3 thoughts on “F*&K YOU Prop h8’ers Supporters!

  1. I feel like I should chime in since my name was dropped in this post. Let me start by saying, the argument against Gay Marriage is illogical (as zachary quinto would say). Since we cannot discuss politics within the same breath as religion as our Constitution states, then how can anyone argue against Gay marriage if we’re suppose to treat man and woman as equal? That’s why I don’t debate these religious zealots, born again Christians that have brainwashed a certain someone’s ex-Cambodian girlfriend.

    And for Xtians that keep pulling out Bible passages to fight gay marriage, stop with the Sodom and Gomorrah BS. Ya’ll only pull out the Old Testament when it helps your cause. Any other day, you’re saying the Jews killed Jesus.

    But on a happy note, I like to read HuffPo because yes, I do love it when they preach to the choir and yes, they make me happy (cause they’re right):


    This author is dead on. I do think there’s a tide turning, and its not about having enough voters that’ll support gay marriage (cause there’s plenty in CA), its about getting people to the ballot boxes. and people like us will be free to campaign since the 2010 vote won’t coincide with a Presidential election. I already got this link sent from moveon.org : http://www.couragecampaign.org/page/s/1million, which apparently doesn’t have anything to do until 2012.

    so its gonna happen. and unless john cho is gonna be running for the CA governorship, I think we’ll be a big part of it… 2010 door to door campaigning in Ukiah, Barstow and Truckee anyone?


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