Asian Hipster Grifter Returns!

Not the Hipster Grifter

Not the Hipster Grifter

Well, not really. I saw this “wanted” ad off Bedford and 7th in Brooklyn the other day. Although she’s got the glasses and bangs and probably the tattoos, this one is either playing off the Hipster Grifter or Williamsburg is just full of these drones. The economy must be bad if this out of work artist has to advertise her ish like this. And the state of the American art community must be worst off if she thinks this would work since all the Vice Magazine Do’s/Don’t rejects commuters walking by the Bedford Station are probably artists themselves, competing for all the same jobs.

Here’s the text in her ad if you can’t read it:

For Questioning Concerning the Offense of NY Artist

Sex: Female
Height: 5′
Hair: Dark
Race: Asian
Weight: 110
Eyes: Brown
Age: 20-30
Build: Thin:
Complexion: N/A

I am an artist
I have no job
I have no place to work
I have no money
And I am leaving the country
All I have are my BFA and MFA diplomas

I am an artist
I’ve tried making websites
I’ve tried making blogs
I’ve tried call-for-artists entries
I’ve tried submissions

I’ve tried applying to residencies
I’ve tried to survive in New York
All I have left are artists friends who are in the same situation

I wanted a job
I wanted a place to work
I wanted some money
I wanted to stay in New York
And I am leaving the country

Thanks for the economy

Thanks for my American Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree

Wait a minute, after reading this, is she trying to get a job or a white boyfriend?! And she ain’t got any contact info on there, so what if I was a rich white art philanthropist with a cutesy AzN hipster (minus the grifter) fetish and I wanted to contact her? Should I post up another wanted ad around all the L-Train stations? I’m just sayin’.


One thought on “Asian Hipster Grifter Returns!

  1. im pretty sure this was not meant to be taken literally. the economy is going to complete shit and she found an interesting way of expressing her opinion. i doubt someone with a BFA and a MFA would resort to this for a job. it did what it was supposed to do, get a reaction!


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