Not Your Mascot


Spotted over at angry asian man

What is it with white folks’ love of making brown folks into mascots? They did it to Natives, and here’s just one example of doin’ it to Asians via “The Orientals” in Rochester, New York. East High School of Akron, OH — another home of “The Orientals” — even features a chinky website font. Really? I bet that one Asian kid at East High feels super good about himself during home games.  Hey wait, what if he’s actually the mascot?  Ho ho, how delightful! For reals, that shit is not cute. It boggles my mind that people and institutions still think this retro-racist crap is kosher.

The continued use of Natives and their “costumes” as mascots for literally hundreds of sports teams and schools is a big ass deal and has been protested by indigenous activists for decades, as well as the subject of films, articles, subversive clothing, and Coalitions. Native mascots are like the Asian American community’s Charlie Chan or Mr. Yunioshi, complete with yellowface/redface.

Natives and Asians do share a lot in common with regard to white folks, namely the commodification of our cultures, over-enthusiasm for our supposed ancient, unchanged traditions, and having much of our old shit stolen and put on display in museums. Also, those cigar store Indians could be like our typical chinky chinaman logo seen at (insert Asian fusion restaurant/Abercrombie shirt/laundromat here). Most of all, we share an ongoing refusal to be reduced to debased, stereotypical caricatures.

Maybe it’s time we forge a new inter-ethnic Coalition, called E.N.U.F.F., or Easterners + Natives Undermining Fucked-up Fucktardedness.  Our mascot will be Kid Rock in a sweat-stained wifebeater with an Old Milwaukee in one hand and a restraining order in the other. Go Fightin’ Whites!


5 thoughts on “Not Your Mascot

  1. my favorite argument from white people is, Well, Notre Dame uses a racist White stereotype! A Fighting Irish Leprechaun lookalike! cause two wongs can make it white.


  2. first time i checked out the website, i thought,
    “i dont get it”

    then i realised they were being RACIST and i thought

    “ooohhhhhhhhhh……….nooow i GET it!!”

    this is why there needs to be an Yellow Malcolm X or Yellow Al Sharpton….f#ck it, just bring back Genghis Khan, impose on these mothuf#ckers our anger, lol


  3. Well actually, the post refers to the picture above as from East High School in Rochester, then continues with Akron as yet another example. Regardless, East High in Akron is still “The Orientals”…that’s the real problem.


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