Filipinos are the G.O.A.T.

Imelda Marcos: The First True Filipina Sneaker Freak.

Imelda Marcos: The First and Greatest Filipina Sneaker Freak.

Filipinos are the GREATEST OF ALL TIME. They excel at everything they do. I hate to generalize, but after growing up in a Catholic high school with 20% Filipinos, and going through the last year of Filipino priding with Manny Pacquiao, I learned from all my friends that Filipinos are better than you and me and your Chinese mom. They excel at everything, and these are the greatest Filipinos in their respective fields:

Boxing: Manny Pacquiao. 

Music: 1/6 of Black Eyed Peas, 1/2 of Amerie Cassie, 1/2 of N.E.R.D., Lea Salonga, 1/2 of Prince, Joe Bataan, 1/2 of Blue Scholars, 1/6 of The Beastie Boys, and DJ Q-Bert

News: Michelle Malkin

Literture: Carlos Buloson

Dance: Cheryl BurkeCris Judd, 4/7 of Jabbawockeez, 3/6 of Super Cr3w, and 0/6 of Kaba Modern.   

Sports: 1/2 of Erik Spoelstra, Benny Agbayani, 1/2 of Tim Lincecum

Acting: Tia Carrere, Jennie Kwan, Ernie Reyes, Jr., 1/2 of Lou Diamond Philips, Nia Peeples, 1/2 of Rob Schneider, 1/4 of Tamlyn Tomita, 1/2 of Phoebe Cates, Paolo Montalban,  and Rufio

Fashion: Founders of Crooks & Castle and Founders of LRG

Entrepreneurs: Founders of Poleng Lounge (all 20 of them).

So there goes. Feel free to email me with more Famous Filipinos. I will gladly add to this list which will surely grow as more and more Vanessa Hudgens enter this world.


16 thoughts on “Filipinos are the G.O.A.T.

  1. Amerie’s Korean.

    The first Philippine-born player in the NFL is a center for the Titans, Eugene Amano.

    Batista of WWE Wrestling fame is part Filipino. Don’t know what part. I don’t really care much for percentages anyhow. Part is part. Full is full.


  2. with all due respect, Vietnamese ppl are G.O.A.T.

    hollywood: dustin nguyen, maggie q, tila tequila

    comedy: dat phan

    music: lynda trang dai, 1/2 tyga

    sports: cung le (take that manny p!), 1/2 danny graves, dat nguyen, scotty nguyen (all in bitches)

    journalism: 1/2 betty nguyen

    bloggers: 2/3 bicoastalbitchin

    fashion: chloe dao

    hair: kim vo

    political leaders: ho chi minh, the trung sistas, ngo dinh diem

    entreprenuers: owners of pho hoa lao (1-100)


  3. Nah, actually, it’s more like this:

    News: Emil Guillermo, Lloyd LaCuesta (field reporter for KTVU), Veronica De La Cruz

    Bullshit: Michelle Malkin

    Here are a few additions:

    Music: Bambu, 1/4 of the Pixies

    Acting: Alec Mapa, Liza Lapira, 1/2 of Lourdes Benedicto, Joy Bisco

    Comedy: Rex Navarrete, 1/2 of Jo Koy, 1/2 of Dan Gabriel, Bernadette Balagtas, 1/4 of Rob Schneider (he’s actually 1/4, not 1/2, and he was a stand-up and an SNLer long before the movie career, so he belongs in the comedy category)

    Comics: Alfredo Alcala, 1/2 of Lynda Barry, Greg LaRocque, Leinil Francis Yu, Philip Tan, Ernie Chan

    Blogging: Moonie Lantion, 1/2 of Blue Scholars

    Lack of Money: me


  4. Yo! Thanks for the list. I got Blue Scholars on there! My PNW blogging colleague would be pissed if I missed them. But props on the Lloyd LaCuesta drop. He’s the most badass field reporter. Him and his parka have been through the worst storms in the Bay, the most crazy shootings in the east bay, and I’ve seen his ass wading through the water after a flood near the delta. he’s crazy nuts.


  5. Ahmm Vietnamese are not the Goats.. they are the GOOKS :)..

    ok add Ninoy Aquino to that list please… and Jose Rizal.

    And Quentin Tarantino – well he’s not Filipino, but he’s loving our barong tagalog 🙂 and our classic films too.


  6. uhmmm one question though.. why is Imelda there? Oh.. ok.. well the only good thing that she did for the Philippines is carry our national costume with pride.


  7. Don’t forget Arnel Pineda. He’s the lead singer for Journey now after being discovered by Neal Schon on YouTube. It’s his second year touring and he’s scheduled to be on Oprah on October 2nd.


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