Obama Orders Burger with Dijon Mustard: Confirms His Elitism

First off, let me apologize for my curse infused tirade, as I am freshly returned from visiting Chicago, including the Southside of the Chi. Top that off with 6 hours stuck at O’hare, and you have one pissed off puppy. But I did get the greatest tour of Chicago of all time from The Minority Militant, which made my trip! 

The story is this. Fox News took a news clip of Obama and Biden ordering a burger from a Virginian joint called Ray’s Hell Burger. And he ordered it with Spicy/Dijon Mustard, no ketchup. I say this is classy, Fox News says its elitist.

Click on the Link to the Gawker post with the Video

Click on the Pic for the Gawker post with the Video

I argue if they have the condiments there, how elitist can it be? I can get Siracha at any white American joint in the midwest now. Grow the F up. This is an f’n joke. This really pisses me off. Why? Cause I dropped by Obama’s house in the South Side and this was the scene within a 3 block radius of Obama’s $1.6 million house:

  1. Police squad car with three young black males being questioned by the police at the sidewalk.
  2. A 95% African American population at the McD’s. (We were the other 5%).
  3. Rich white and black people driving their kids home from school. 
  4. An apartment for rent THREE blocks from Obama’s House for $555 a month (1 bedroom). I have a pic of it. Its true. 
  5. A synagogue directly across the street from Obama’s House, and Louis Farakhan’s house 1.5 blocks away. 

How much more do you want from a President? He didn’t grow up with a prearranged acceptance to Ivy League schools or a ranch in Crawford, Texas. He made his millions writing two books, and he still lived a few blocks away from some gangsta ish. 

What dicks, I hate Fox News. I’d like to see any of those correspondents walk through the southside of the Chi with their Brooks Brothers suits or Tommy Bahama shorts. Asses.


4 thoughts on “Obama Orders Burger with Dijon Mustard: Confirms His Elitism

  1. you curse Fox news but most US media is on ‘all hails’ the Obama-nation. Michelle Obama doesnt even look that good and now she’s a fashion icon.. Please..

    And now I’ll be branded as a troll for speaking out against Obama.. geez


  2. You are full of hate for our President Gena. All I’m going to say, since I know we’re going to disagree about everything, is that I’ve met Michelle and shaken her hand, and you are straight tripping if you don’t think she looks good. You must be one of the many Gena’s I know that don’t think “Jessica Alba is all that” or “Kerry Washington is too old looking”. Congrats to you and the Elizabeth Hasslebeck and Anne Coulter shrines you have in your basement. Cause blond haired, white republicans are the only hotness in america.


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