White People Love Bikes

I didn’t learn much at the conference I attended that could be used for any BcB material… until now.

I love my bike(s). So I decided to attend  a bicycle transportation session that the planning nerds appropriately titled Bike Network Design Lessons from Europe. In the large convention hall theater, one of the speakers stated the following statistic when explaining the relationship between car drivers and bicyclists in the U.S.: 


1/2 of 1% of people in the U.S. bike to work. Of that, the vast majority are white males. 

He later explained that the people who bike regularly, including daily to work, are a certain type. The type that don’t give an F that you’re driving an SUV behind them at their bike pace. Or that you’re honking or trying to pass. The ones with no fear of cars. Cause although a bike has the right-of-way, the car, inevitably, has the true right-of-way cause a car vs a bike is not a fair fight. So it takes someone that, in his words, is “entitled” to the road to overcome the perceived fear associated with riding a bike through oncoming traffic, daily, through the rain and cold, to get to work on a winter morning in Minneapolis, Minnesota. And that person with the sense of entitlement to the road, in more cases than not, is the young, white, American, male, bicyclist. 

So which came first, the young, white, American, male, bicyclist living in Portland/Minneapolis? Or does Portland/Minneapolis draw the young, white, American, male, bicyclist? hmmmmm.


One thought on “White People Love Bikes

  1. It all makes sense now. Seriously, I’ve seen maybe 1 or 2 colored guys riding on the street in my life. The only time I go on the street is to avoid this stretch of sidewalk where someone likes to make their dog poop on.


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