Pretty Bait Machine

Let’s talk Trent Reznor for a minute. I understand he’s a musical genius not only as the frontman of NIN, but also as producer of the brilliant, hard-hitting industro-crunk Saul Williams album Niggy Tardust, and as an advocate of open source and public domain distribution (I hearts free music).

As a bonus, Trent Reznor had big beef with Limp Bizkit for using NIN’s lyrics, saying in a Rolling Stone interview: “Fred Durst can surf a piece of plywood up my ass.” Yowch!

And who doesn’t have a special place in their heart for classics like the Bowie-duet “I’m Afraid of Americans” and “Closer” (I once got kicked out of a karaoke restauarant for overenthusiastically screaming the lyrics I wanna f*ck you like an animal in a family establishment).

Since Trent’s kinda a big deal on multiple levels, I felt a bit icky inside when I laid eyes on this:


Erm, ok.  What’s going on here? My friend Google tells me she is Playboy model Mariqueen Maandig of the indie band West Indian Girl, and Trent and MariDragQueen are recently engaged. So many questions! Like, how old is this chick?  Did she get attacked at the MAC makeup counter? When did Trent get so old and bloated-looking? Why is the default for aging muscians to grab a nubile exotic dancery young thing and parade down red carpets? Maybe these two can throw a big ol’ Creepy Cliched Couplings HOedown with Billy Corgan and Tila, and invite the Farrells while they’re at it.


6 thoughts on “Pretty Bait Machine

  1. i know!!!! what was he thinking? almost makes we wanna get my NIN tattoo removes (not really i love him too much). I am completely speechless…i cried a little when i found out he got engaged…he was supposed to save himself for me.


  2. is it just me or does she look like a tranny? a pre-op tranny?
    Well his face is pretty disgusting too, even for a low class white guy, looks like he ate too many burgers so i guess some back door action is something they both enjoy. Better watch out for that stale burger breath lady!! eeww, hes gonna breath on you!!(*pukes*) lol, if you stay near ink you get stained black, if you stay near vermillion, you get stained red. They suit each other…..


  3. hmmmm, Trent is HOT. TRENT IS ALWAYS HOT. I don’t want to sound like a jealous female fan but wtf? This chick looks nothing like the Playboy pics of her…..God Bless airbrushing. I am just confused. This just does not look like the same woman….(scratches head)


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