Friday Fuckery: Swine Flu – It’s China’s Fault!

How you say "squeal, suckas!" in Chinese?

How you say "squeal, suckas...ka-ching!" in Chinese?

So you just know the parade of screwball theories on the raging “aporkalypse” swine flu will involve blaming China sooner or later. ‘Cuz China be shady and unscrupulous! And we knows this how? Because Fox News sez they put lead in toys and poison in milk products and shit, so why wouldn’t China be behind this latest paranoia outbreak?

Peep this op-ed by Barbara Hollingsworth from the Washington Examiner:

“A US/Chinese venture capital firm stands to benefit financially from a swine flu pandemic…private US/Chinese venture capital firm Kleiner Perkins Caulfield & Byers (KPCB)… launched a $200 million Pandemic Bio Defense Fund in 2006. The firm’s portfolio includes eight pandemic and bio defense firms. Two of them, Novavax and Bio Defense, are publicly traded.

On Friday, their stock jumped at news of the swine flu outbreak in Mexico. Novavax (up 75 percent) had already contacted the Centers for Disease Control offering to help with the crisis.”

Hollingsworthless also somehow makes the leap of connecting swine flu to Al Gore:

“Guess who’s a partner at KPCB? Al Gore, who also chairs the Alliance for Climate Protection…KPCB also has a “green” investment collaboration with Generation Investment Management, which Gore also co-founded…”

and concludes:

“Selling a boatload of swine flu vaccine to panicked government officials in Mexico, the United States and Canada would raise a lot of capital…Of course, this highly unlikely link between Al Gore, his joint private equity venture with the Chinese, and the outbreak of swine flu in Mexico and the U.S. could just be one of those strange coincidences. But if I were one of the Army’s CID people, I’d look into it.”

Interesting. Okay then, how about AIDS in Africa and US pharmeceutical companies? Crack cocaine in black communities in the ’80s, the “War on Drugs”, and the CIA? Strange coincidences? I’d look into it.

Also, with SARS and swine flu, nationalistic mofos got their panties in a wad for “securing our borders” aka keeping out dirty foreigners and their diseases. But when mad cow disease was having a ragin’ party all up in Canada and Europe, folks didn’t seem too concerned about containing immigration from our neighbors to the north and across the pond. Thinly-veiled racism? I’d check into that booshit too.


4 thoughts on “Friday Fuckery: Swine Flu – It’s China’s Fault!

  1. haven’t you noticed the news media seems to show a lot of Asians wearing face masks when they’re talking about swine flu? looks like they’re being lazy and using their stock footage from the SARS coverage. but it looks like we’re getting flak for the mexican swine flu.


  2. hahahhahahahahaha!! stooopid lol!!!

    if i was caucasian, id be either, joining

    1 the U.S army, or

    2 learning chinese

    cause when the war breaks out, the U.S is going to need as many soldiers they can get, and PRC definitely needs chinese speaking slaves…..hahahahaha,lol….say Ni Hao to your new overlords Biatches!! hahahahaha!


  3. The Washington Examiner? Is that like a low-brow version of the Moonie-owned Washington Times?

    One thing about American flag-wavers is that they will instinctively accuse other nations of what America is guilty of.

    This is called psychological projection, and it’s American as apple pie.

    Barbara Holllingsworth’s article has to use a Kevin Bacon-like Six Degress of Separation logic to insinuate that China is somehow responsible for the Swine Flu.

    Interstingly enough, however, if her newspaper wants to find a more relevant curious connections with the Swine Flu, the Washington Examiner should look closer to home at the USA.

    The Mexican farm where the flu is said to have started is owned by an American agribusiness, Smithfield Foods of Virginia.

    And one of the primary beneficiaries of Swine Flu is the “vaccine” TamiFlu, the patent for which is owned by the American firm Gilead Sciences.

    And it just so happens the former Chairman of Gilead Sciences and one its largest stockholders was a guy named … Donald Rumsfeld.

    Oh yeah, the last time there was an outbreak of Swine Flu was in 1976, and it occurred at the US military base at Fort Dix, NJ.


    Maybe the US Army’s CID people should investigate … the American government and military!

    Flying Pigs, Tamiflu and Factory Farms

    Political Lies and Media Disinformation regarding the Swine Flu Pandemic

    Previous Swine Flu Outbreak Orginated at Fort Dix.


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