How to Apply Make-Up and Love Jesus by RiceBunny

aZnHeartThrob is always on the look out for the next ex-Mrs. Throb. And I think I’ve found her: Southern Belle, Michelle Phan, aka Ricebunny.

Ricebunny, you provide the world much needed make-up advice on your own YouTube Page

You rock Batman t-shirts and play Street Fighter Third Strike and talk about unlocking characters on SFIV. You listen to OM Records artists like Samantha James (you Floridians love you them OM Records loungey ish don’t cha?) and have an oh-so soothing voice with a slight Yiet-na-mee accent that comes out when you use terms like “whispy”. But, alas, you’re ex-wifey material cause you still rock the Ed Hardy look (dammnit girl, purple does not go well with eagle or gold chain!):


Christian Audigier ruins lives.

 and the Jesus Love (yes, I went to her MySpace page and found this. I admit it):


Jesus holding Baby Jesus? This somehow reminds me of the always complicated time shifting John Connor plot lines in any of the Terminator films.


6 thoughts on “How to Apply Make-Up and Love Jesus by RiceBunny

  1. in my defense, her youtube page was a “Featured” site on my youtube front page. and I admit, i clicked on it. but the myspace search came from another BcB contributer… (*cough* sherdizzzz *cough*)


  2. ……O.O……?!!

    wowowow, i cant beleive she has 100,000 subscribers! lol

    even with makeup…..theres something about her that i find unattractive and conceited. Maybe its her practised soft voice …..i dont know, but i get a weak, passive, pathetic conceited vibe when i watch her videos…….(even if she does do great makeup)

    If you wanna see a really cool makeup artist, check out Xteener at

    heaps better than wannabe animegirl…


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