Urban Outfitter Founder is a Staunch Conservative – What?!

I was going to start a new category called “Hipster Hypocrisy”, but I can’t imagine another blog post ever needing that tag… So bottomline is that Richard Hayne, Founder of Urban Outfitters (or “Dick” Hayne if you went to UPenn, where the founder started Urban Outfitters) hates the gays. Huh? You’re probably thinking back on your last trip to Urban and wondering if you saw a pro-gay marriage shirt alongside the Big Lebowski shirts (cause BL is the new Swingers for this generation’s hipster movie cool),  “Things Go Better With Coke” shirts (I get it, its Coca-Cola! Not, umm…), “Pittsburgh: City of Champions” shirts (I get it! Its hipster ironic cause Pittsburgh actually sucks balls!), or anti-Bush/Pro-Obama shirts (wh-what? I guess this is where the hypocrisy comes in! They even have the nerve to use a NY Times article clipping for the Obama shirt! urgh).

But the worst offense was letting shirts like “New Mexico: Cleaner Than Regular Mexico” pass on by despite all the racial steretypes and sexual innuendos that are typically on Urban shirts, but not allowing a Pro-Gay Marriage shirt to sell after one week on the shelf despite the fact that there was little negative fanfare about the message. The shirt just says “I Support Gay Marriage” in the obligatory all-over print, yet it was pulled from California shelves for only one possible reason: The Founder, tricky Dick Hayne. Apparently, he responded by saying the shirt was selling and threw in “but my CEO’s gay!” Right, cause after ONE WEEK you know the shirts not going to sell… 


But I guess SOME people knew all about this, cause in August of last year a group of “anti-hipster hooligans” destroyed the inside of an Urban Outfitter in Milwaukee.  But I get it. Fine. Dick, you were once a liberal when you graduated college. You originally named your first store The Free People Store. And some of us stay progressive, while others follow Churchill’s words: 

“Any man who is under 30, and is not a liberal, has no heart; and any man who is over 30, and is not a conservative, has no brains.”

But this doesn’t mean you can sit up there in your office and sell us this Obama shirt, and this Obama shirt, and this Obama shirt, and this Pro-Communist shirt, and this anti-Bush shirt, and this “America: Under New Management” shirt, with nary a message that supports any of your own views and think I won’t call out your ass for being a hypocrite. 


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