Blog War: Bicoastal Bitchin vs. Bicoastal Bitching

We calling you two out

Long & Pointless Sarah and Akymbo of, the good folks of Bicoastal Bitchin, who started off a good half year before your site started, are willing to battle it out for the BcB title. Since we, too, are on both coasts, we are willing to meet in any of the following neutral sites, conveniently located near San Diego, The Bay Area, and/or New York City:

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Barstow, California
Kinsley, Kansas

Cuase its

Kinsley, Kansas: The exact midpoint between SF and NYC

The weapons of choice will be Trivia Night at a neutral bar or Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon. Or, if God willing, you are ready to accept a Dance Battle. Or maybe a drumline off?

Why are we doing this? Cause you are sick, sick people who blog about lepers, sex, and Fascism. But worst of all, when someone accidentally Googles “Bicoastal Bitching”, the correct spelling of our glorious site, instead of “Bicoastal Bitchin”, they get your site. Which is what this blog post is for. Hopefully now we’ll get some “Bicoastal Bitching” Google searches, and all will be well in the universe. Again. Blog War has begun.

pppssstt. Down here.

To whichever Bicoastal Bitch that’s in NYC, let’s get us some drinks! I’m in Brooklyn, but I can meet you in Tribeca or Chelsea or wherever you are… ok, you know how to reach me. bye.


9 thoughts on “Blog War: Bicoastal Bitchin vs. Bicoastal Bitching

  1. When you google “bicoastal bitching,” you’re right underneath them. When you google “bicoastal bitchin,” they don’t even register on the first page. But you’ve got three bloggers and they’ve only got two! What kind of fight is that?

    (Pss…if you get the three of you and the two of them in one place, maybe also challenge them to 3 on 2 basketball…)


  2. this totally worked. if you google bicoastalbitching now, you get a wordpress search for our blog. haha! sorry girls!

    i would love to see sherdizzle on the court. she’ll probably want us to play in Oakland tho… and she’ll insist on wearing a Gary Payton or JR Rider jersey…


  3. Oh and don’t hate me >_<
    I’ve been reading your blog recently and I just wanted to say that it’s an absolute treat to read your site.


  4. OMG so I am Sarah (of formerly Long & Pointless Sarah) and my friend Kim is Akymbo (formerly of…well, just Bicoastal BitchinG) and she just sent me the link to this post and we are DYING. You’ve probably figured out by now that she shut down the now-defunct Bicoastal Bitching, so hopefully your blog continues to be the first site to pop up on the Googs. (That would save us from having to do fight to the death in Kansas (ew no).) On behalf of Kim, she’d love to meet for drinks. On behalf of both of us, can you please remove our pictures from this post? Thanks and happy bitching!


    • hello sarah and kim. you are good people, even in defeat. we went ahead and crossed out your eyes cause according to the internet, that makes you disappear. would you like us to tell you what our next project is? so you can add a “G” to the end of it?


      • Hi guys, neat blog. Would you kindly take our pictures down? We’re not asking too much, especially since I’ve taken down our blog. At this point, the original post is kind of irrelevant anyway. Thanks much, K


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