BcB Podcast Interview with The Big WOWO



Click for a Podcast interview with Sherdizzle, C-Bruhs, and aZnHeartThrob


Thanks again to Jaehwan of The Big WOWO and The Fighting 44s, one of BcB’s biggest fans, for doing a 4-way interview with the BcB crew. If you’d like to hear the sound of our voices like we do, check it out for 30 minutes of pure bliss.  You’ll get great insights into how we write our posts (drunk), how to pronounce C-Bruhs (kinda), what our real names are (Vu Nguyen, google me, I dare you), how we get so many posts up so fast (does anyone need a snarky & sarcastic blog writer for their Fortune 500 firm?), how progressive our backgrounds are (Marxist), and what plans we have for the site (drunk Twitter mini blogs and more FUNdraising).


2 thoughts on “BcB Podcast Interview with The Big WOWO

  1. Great podcast! though must admit, Jaewan and aznheartthrob s voices sounded unexpectedly soft and high toned…..somehow thought it would be lower and more deeper……lol


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