Jamie Foxx vs. Miley Cyrus

Granted, Jamie Foxx may have gone a bit far by saying that Miley Cyrus should “grow up,” make a sex tape and do drugs.  But if there’s anyone that deserves it, its the Chinky-eyed face making, Radiohead bad mouthing, half nude 15-year old celebrity being Miley “my middle name ain’t Ray” Cyrus. What right does Jamie Foxx have for commenting on Miley Cyrus? Does he have the right to clown on her for her singing? I mean, Jamie Foxx has only had 2 Number One songs and a Number One album that went double platinum. But the man must be an idiot right? Oh, he got a full ride to college on a concert piano scholarship? 

But he definitely shouldn’t be dissing Miley on her acting right? What right does he have other than two Academy Award Nominations and one Oscar win?  Fine, he wins on that point too. But come on, he was handed all this on a silver platter, right? Nepotism at its best? Jamie Foxx senior was a famous country singer with millions, no? Oh, he was abandoned as a child and raised by his grandmother in the then segregated Terrell, Texas, home of Betty Brown, everyone’s favorite Asian hating Texas Lawmaker?

In what world do we live in where a man as accomplished as Jamie Foxx has to apologize to a little shitty brat like Miley Cyrus, especially if he’s only saying everything we’re all already thinking. Come on, the man gave us Wanda on In Living Color and auto-tuning in his latest songs, that should give him free passes to diss on the entire cast of Hannah Montana AND Wizards of Waverly Place. And no, I will not admit I watch the Disney Channel from time to time (only all the time).


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