White People Do Not Like People That Wear Ed Hardy…

But they still love wearing them some Ed Hardy… 

Let me start by saying, I love Stuff White People Like (we link to it from our Blog Roll list to the right).

Its got commentary on things we talk about all the time (#11 Asian Girls). And stuff that hits too damn close to home (#69 Mos Def and #91 San Francisco). But the latest one is about Ed Hardy. A topic we here at BcB love to throw around. Replacing the term “Douchebag” with “Ed Hardy wearing” is so easy to do, we’ve mentioned it in not 1, but 2 blog posts. But Lander’s blog entry, #124 Hating People Who Wear Ed Hardy, is sorta awkward. Its written in a way that implies Ed Hardy is an ethnic brand and that ALL white people hate it. Which frankly, isn’t true if you’ve ever been to Las Vegas or Miami or watched 90210/Dancing with the Stars/Rock of Love or “read” Victoria Secret.

Lander: “White people hate these clothes unilaterally and it is advised that you merely accept that at face value… To put this in proper perspective, Ed Hardy is so hated by white people that it cannot be worn ironically.  This is no small feat.  As it stands, the only other entries in this category are Nazi Uniforms, Ku Klux Klan Robes, and self-tanner. ”

Unilaterally? Really? I only hear that word during broadcasts of U.N. sessions, and even then its over-exaggerated. And Nazi uniforms worn ironically? Hmmm. I wished I could recall a situation where some “royally” famous white kid was wearing a Nazi uniform ironically…  

BUT the worst part is instead of using the millions of pics of white people rockin’ Ed Hardy from around the world (well, from Hollywood to South Beach, and every Hard Rock Cafe in between), Lander uses two Asian dudes who will surely regret their decision to pose for this pic, sexual gang signs and all… 


This is too easy, so I'm going to pass on writing a caption for now.

This is too easy, so I'm going to pass on writing a caption for now.

A special thanks to the good people at the Christina Audigier and Ed Hardy Stores in Union Square SF for letting BcB do firsthand research on this blog topic:

So Legolas and Chuck Norris walk into an Ed Hardy store...

So Legolas and Chuck Norris walk into an Ed Hardy store...


2 thoughts on “White People Do Not Like People That Wear Ed Hardy…

  1. If you want to know why white people hate Ed Hardy, I will tell you in no uncertain terms: It means you have no gusto. It means you don’t have the courage to stick to something. It means that you are a fad chaser. It means that you have no statement that you are willing to back up. Ed Hardy artwork is beautiful on it’s own, but it is done in a tattoo style. If I see a shirtless man in a bar who is tattooed from waist to shoulder in skulls and dragons and unicorns and playing cards, then I know that he is a badass. If I say the wrong thing to that person, then I will have to fight him. It doesn’t even matter if he is a 98 pound weakling. I am pretty certain that a skeleton of a man with a tattoo of an actual skeleton is going to try to fight me if I don’t give him proper respect and space. Maybe I would beat him to a pulp, but I don’t want to have to do that. On the other hand, you have people wearing Ed Hardy. People that can’t commit. If you are wearing an Ed Hardy tee, then you are proclaiming to the world that “I want a badass tattoo, but I don’t have the balls to get one.” That person knows that they are merely following a fad rather than actually expressing themselves. If you are that aware that what you are doing is so stupid that you want to get a tee-shirt of it that you can remove as soon as it is unpopular, then you shouldn’t be wearing it to begin with. Sack up and get the tattoo, or shut up and wear something you actually like.


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