Friday Fuckery: Smashing Tequila’s Pumpkins

Oh. Oh my. Word on the interwebs is these two have started bein’ all oochie boochies:

Comes closer, lets me looks into your eyeses, my prrreciouuussss

Comes closer, lets me looks into your eyeses, my prrreciouuussss

While Billy Corgan has gotten a little um, odd in the last uh, decade — he’s still kinda untouchable in my book for, y’know —  just about everything the Smashing Pumpkins ever released. And Tila, well…she a ho. Yeah, I guess they’re both technically “musicians”….but SPs has sold over 18 million albums in the US alone.  Tila’s classy single “Stripper Friends” didn’t even register on the charts.  Apparently the fauxmosexual’s next opus will be titled: “Tila Tequila: I Have Tourettes”…among other things, I’ll bet. Then again, Billy did date Courtney Love back in the day, so maybe he’s just got a taste for the ca-ca razy with a side of hot mess and dollop of boob job.

Seriously, what do they talk about? Do they just awkwardly stare at each other? Complain about their celebu-angst? Compliment each others’ under-appreciated genius and talent? Cook up kooky projects and collabs?  Maybe this’ll turn into some gross self-congratulatory concept band a la Perry &  Etty Lau Farell, where they just sing about how hot their relationship is:

Your ticket price includes watching these two grope each other.

Your ticket price includes watching these two grope each other.

A gal can dream, can’t she? And lets hope it’s made into a reality show available through basic cable.


3 thoughts on “Friday Fuckery: Smashing Tequila’s Pumpkins

  1. Tila Tequila’s a hustler, and i mean HUSTLER! while people call her a ho and cheap, and make fun of her image, shes making money – hundreds of thousands a year.

    LOL, all these people want to look down on her? who tha f#ck are they?

    From where she came from, i got nothing but RESPECT for her. All this “playgirl” “ho” look is pure marketing, the same as marilyn manson or 50 cent. All the dumb f#cks want to open up their wallets watching her shows on t.v, buying her music, believing in the false image shes projecting, -THEYRE NOTHING BUT SUCKAS!

    Keep playing the game Tila! the haters are just jealous,!!!


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