The Wedding Banquet

UPDATE: The wedding was held across the street from AzN’s parents’ house in Sunny San Jose. Small world indeed, Mr. and Mrs. Hu. 

Believe me or not, its up to you. But since I’m a nerd + a music snob, I spent last night downloading album covers for my iTunes library. While trying to search for the cover for King Most‘s mix CD, I’m Just Sayin’ Though, I stumbled on this site:

Amy and Billy

Billy and Amy (Amy's on the right)

By now I think I’ve beaten the white girl/Asian guy thing to death, but this wedding photo album is awesome. Not only because its a Chinese dude with a Barbie Blonde dudette (although I think its weird the only Asian person invited to the wedding is the groom’s dad). But because of the awesome wedding they had. And by awesome, I mean EXTREME. If I met either Amy or Billy, I would bow and ask them to invite me to their one year anniversary, which I imagine would be a joint guy/girl weekend of debauchery in Vegas filled with ballerinas, blow, sports book betting, brunches at Bellagio, all you can eat buffets, bottle service at Tao, flipping tables at Body English, and slapping many a Keno girls’ asses. 

Best F'N wedding cake ever. 6 layers of stilettos, dumbbells, and high end luggage.

Best F'N wedding cake ever. 5 layers of stilettos, dumbbells, and high end luggage. And what's on top? A chinese to-go carton with two chopsticks (unluckily I should add) stuck in the cake.

PS. Seriously, this is no joke, Amy and Billy, if you end up reading this and live in LA, SF, or NY, let’s go out for drinks! I would love to hang out with your stylist too, Amy. I loved him as Johnny Wong in Hard Boiled:


Anthony Wong Chau-Sang is a BadAss.

Anthony Wong Chau-Sang is a BadAss.


10 thoughts on “The Wedding Banquet

  1. I remember seeing this before off another Asian American website years ago. Actually, I think there used to be a video feature on it. Believe it or not, I remember the entire story about the bridegroom’s father walking her down the aisle.

    There are sooo many ways to become an Asian American internet celebrity these days…


  2. only one other Asian person at the wedding who is the grooms father? lol, that says it all , doesnt it?

    Although, to be fair, the groom does look like a 100% whitewashed assimilated noob. And she does look like a prom queen. So i guess by his standards, he did pretty well, Definitely phase 1 towards having cute little mixed babies, you know, since his dad probably told him that “white babies are more cuter than asian ones”

    plus gotta love those chinese takeout box on the wedding cake, coz thats repping his asian heritage, his roots you know! instead of having any actual asian friend/family he just adds the chopsticks , its good enough! Edward Said, eat your heart out!! Asians are just as guilty of orientalism as caucasians!lol


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