Chronicling My Move to NY: Part I – Finding a Vietnamese Sandwich

So I’m doing it. Moving from the Yay Area to the Big Apple. Although everyone is concerned for me because of the weather, crime or the “urban” living. I am most concerned with my habitual consumption of Vietnamese food. I need my Banh Mi Cha Lua + Pâté and toothbrush/dental floss/mouthwash afterwards.

My favorite is Cha Lua (steamed pork sausage) and Pâté

My favorite is Cha Lua (steamed pork sausage) and Pâté

NY has historically been one of the worst places for Vietnamese food (in relation to the Vietnamese population) versus VA, Houston, San Jose, SF, the OC, and Seattle, which have always been good to me. So when the NY Times has to dedicate an entire article to Banh Mi, I get a little concerned. Cause in San Jose, everyone (including the My Trang, and My Den for that matter) knows where to go already. You don’t need the San Jose Mercury News to tell you where to get Banh Mi.  The fact that the article mentions fusion Banh Mi annoys me, why don’t they f’n learn how to make a good authentic one first before they stuff Pho ingredients in?

And I like how one of the sandwichmakers calls out San Jose as being too backwards to accept a fusion Banh Mi. Well then Mr. Fred Hua, have you thought that maybe San Joseans can’t accept your fabulous creation cause you’re a Chinese dude with the first name Fred? And that the classy New Yorkers can because Manhattanites have never tried a real Banh Mi before cause they’ve never ventured that far into Brooklyn?

And everyone should totally read the comments in the NYTimes article for gems like these: 

A couple of weeks ago I made a prediction to my husband, “The Vietnamese Sandwich is the New Cubano.” The Banh Mi’s at Anh Choi are SOOOOOO gooood! My old Vietnamese sandwich spot on Mulberry just closed, sorry to see it go!— rinky, NYC 

Thanks so much for this. Sounds like a perfect Passover treat!— Alan J. Weisbard, Madison, WI 

I remember having one while in Viet Nam in the mid -60’s .
It was dog as I later found out . Sad but true .Not saying
that’ s true in the U.S.
— dr.martin, new york,ny  


13 thoughts on “Chronicling My Move to NY: Part I – Finding a Vietnamese Sandwich

  1. Luckily, one of the three BcB writers, Sherdizzle, is in the East Bay…. But we’ll be more right coast leaning very soon…


  2. Yo Vinh. I’m digging your blog site. And I need to know your Pho joints, I’m moving to NY next Tuesday. I’m spending the weekend in OC, so the abrupt change in weather and Viet food will be f’n tragic…


  3. woah…

    didnt know aznhearthrob was a vietnamese facist. I thought you were a Pan Asianist, hearthrob! How could you! T.T

    Well if you got an issue with english named Chinese dudes appropiating Vietnamese cuisine, then give us the friggin soy sauce back. In fact, give the pate, the butter, and the baked wheatflour bread back to the french if you wanna go all ethnonationalist about cultural appropiation!!

    Then your just left with the pork sausage. Guess if you hold out your hands they could place the steamed pork sausage on it and pour the sauce on top. mmmmm, pure vietnamese cuisine. Nothing fusion about it.

    Wait, wait, didnt steamed pork sausage originate from Guandong?, China?

    oh well…… guess youll just have to lick that sauce right up! mmmmmm…….sauce….


  4. Indeed, I do like my Vietnamese food cooked by Vietnamese people. I also like my Bagels from NY establishments owned by Jews. Def. not angry at the Chinaman appropriating Vietnamese food, since we were blessed (forced through Colonialization) with many great Chinese inventions, including gun powder, soy sauce, and those deep friend bread things we put in rice porridge. Call me a food snob or a fascist, but I’ll need you to point out a Banh Mi joint run by Tau people that makes it decent, cause 99% of the Vietnamese run ones are already bad…

    PS. Thanks for reminding me that Vietnamese culture does not exist without Indian, Chinese, and French culture, and that’s why the region was historically referred to as Indochine. You and my white Asian Studies profs should meet and have a double date with your Asian wives.


  5. Didnt mean to sound condescending in my post, sorry for that. It was in jest, but i’m amazed that you thought i was white?! How could you insult me like that!!(blushes embarrassingly)

    “You and my white Asian Studies profs should meet and have a double date with your Asian wives”

    err… thanks, i’ll think i’ll keep dating my hot ASIAN boyfriend, as his muscular body and childish smile (not to mention his loving personality) suites my liking quite nicely thanks. BTW, i’m an Asian female, not a white male,…so yeah, guess my tone of writing seems too “white”?, wtf? lol,

    feel free to check out my youtube channel, heartthrob, I’ll leave you a personal message on my profile. Check it out, you know you want to!


  6. Hhaha. No. I didn’t think you were white. I have an ongoing joke with my friends that even an Asian guy still goes around saying he has an “Asian girlfriend” as much as a white guy does… But that part about my Asian Studies profs is true. so much dif than my as-am profs…


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