The Only All Bay Area Team

Trading JRich was the beginning of the end...

Trading JRich was the beginning of the end...

Despite you trading away the heart (JRich) and soul (BD) of the team, and then blowing up the roster of the only playoff winning team in a decade. Despite all the losing records and crummy trades. Despite the increase in ticket prices and hiring of Robert Rowell. Despite the drafting of Chris Washburn, Chris Webber, Joe Smith, Todd Fuller, Antawn Jamison, Patrick O’Bryant and Mike Dunleavy. Despite trading Run TMC for Billy Owens, Eric Dampier, Kevin Willis and Bimbo Coles. Despite the immaturity of our best player, Monta Ellis. Despite the lousy uniforms and even worse mascot. Despite the traffic of I-880 during rush hour commutes on weekday games. Despite the team name that doesn’t even mention Oakland, the City’s real pride and joy who didn’t cheat on you with Los Angeles for 12 years only to come crawling back or flirt with other suitors like San Jose, Fremont, Portland, and San Antonio.

Despite all of this, fans still come. In droves. Not just any fans, but A’s fans, Giants fans, 49er fans, and Raiders fans. You are the Bay Area’s one and only team and that will never change. You have been here since 1962 and you will never leave, and that cannot be said for any other team here. You bring together the hatred that A’s vs. Giants and 49ers vs. Raiders fans bring (2 BcB writers included). If there’s one thing a Raider fan will help a Niners fan do, its to help kick a Sacramento Kings fan in the face in the Coliseum parking lot on any given day. 

And for that, I thank you.


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