The Three Worst Vietnamese People of All Time

#1 The first guy at Ha Long Bay that said: “French ships? Let’s just let them dock and see what they want”.

#2 Ho Chi Minh

#3 Tila Tequila


10 thoughts on “The Three Worst Vietnamese People of All Time

  1. Ho chi minh was actually a good person. His teachings and principles were altered after his death and so people knew him as a bad person


    • WTF! who gives a fuckin shit if his dam principles and teachings were altered after his death, DID U SEE WHAT HE LEFT BEHIND IN HIS COUNTRY? THE DEVASTATION?!! what good does it do if his teachings are changed AFTER hes dead????!! its what u changed and did today and what u are going to do in the future that people judge u by.


      • did he leave his country in devastation or was it a foreign military forces insisting sticking their nose where they don’t belong?


    • Yeah he killed hundreds and thousands of people under his rule, tortured countless, destroyed the economy of his country for decades, and kept Vietnam under oppressive and reclusive rule for years. But he’s really a nice guy if you get to know him!


  2. Very valid point. I am using him as a representative of the way his teachings have been applied, similar to Jesus and the modern day application of his teachings. And after thinking it over, I switched up the numbers, cause Colonialism (minus the delicious French baguettes and Roman letters we got) sucked harder.


  3. wow, someones starting to sound like a 1.5 gen Viet American whose parents lost everything in “Saigon”

    But Ho Chi Minh was a hero! without him, could there even BE a Vietnamese Communist party? who lead the fight against the french? the Japanese? the U.S?

    If not for Ho, Vietnam would be looking like like Sth Korea/ Taiwan right now! thats right, a 2 dollar bitch of U.S, representing the interests of U.S foreign policy in East Asia region!

    Without hard asses like Mao, and Ho in Asia, all of Asia would be like mini Japans/Sth Koreas/Taiwans. Ever notice how the Asian countries who have “democracy” and “human rights” are the ones with the U.S army bases on them? Japan(in Okinawa)Sth Korea (Seoul and DMZ) Taiwan (everywhere) F*cking dogs of Amerikkka.


    • lmao wow………… SOOOO you would rather LIVE IN A SHIT HOLE poor like dirt, than live a successful and rich life with the americans? ur obviously brainwashed by the communists, DO U EVEN KNOW WHAT THOSE GODDAM FUCKIN ANIMAL COMMUNISTS DID? and u say that ho chi minh helped fight the french, O.o big deal, there were many people who fought against them, not just 1 person.

      so i guess u would rather live in a poor-stricken country and cheer for communism that fucked up your country…… you know that without communism in Vietnam, Vietnam would be one of the wealthiest goddam country


  4. I really am getting a lot of shit for this post aren’t I? Even a fellow BcB write is giving me shit! Yes Smacker, we did lose everything in the war, our mansion, cushy government post jobs, village maids, rolls royce, french coffee factory, and Chinese egg roll restaurant. And Jesus appreciates you putting “Saigon” in between bunny ears since the city doesn’t exist anymore. I’ve never heard of any Asians talking smack on Seoul, Taipei, and Tokyo before, but I guess that’s what happens when you’re BBC? My guess? and named Smacker…

    And I think if you were to ask any Vietnamese citizen of the great country of Vietnam, which I consider my home away from home, if they’d like to be Pyongyang or Seoul, they would look at you funny, pop in their 8 DVD set of Full House or a Jun Ji Hyun dramedy (aren’t all her films dramadies?) and ask you what the hell a Pyongyang was.


  5. nah, sorry for giving you shit. I just called it “Saigon” coz thats what my friends parents who are 1.5 gen Viet Australian call it. Im Asian Australian btw, not BBC (though its all ex british colonies, so i guess its all good) AustralianBornChinese to be exact. Yeah , but i got the name smacker from this interview i saw by an old PRC auntie type.

    Anyways, what can i say? i took post colonial studies at uni, and being Asian Australian as well, so i guess i’m prejudiced against so called western “developement” which seems as just another cover for the mechanism of neo white priviledge/supremacy/eurocentric socioeconomic and political dominance of the world.


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