Hmong in Hminnesota

So it took me some time and some creative driving in my rented Ford Focus, but I was finally able to find a Hmong food joint in St. Paul, Minnesota, where the largest population of Hmong people live in an urbanized city (cause they’ve historically been a people without borders, duh!). The Hmong are pretty damn engrained in life here in Minnesota, they’re the largest Asian American population in the Twin Cities. And it was pretty (un)surprising that they didn’t have a legitimate restaurant. I mean, they didn’t have an actual country and the U.S. government pretty much left them in the cold (literally) in Minnesota. So to come up with the funds to get a Hmong restaurant open, try to attract Hmong eaters (who probably get better food at home) and lure White Minnesotans (who still can’t handle sushi) would spell disaster for would be restauranteurs. 

The whole adventure required me to drive to St. Paul from Minneapolis to a crappy strip mall with a closed down Hmong restaurant attached to the Foodsmart Grocery store (their Hmong restaurant will open in May 2009) where I randomly asked Hmong Americans where (other than their homes) I could go to buy some prepared food. The answer? Double Dragon Foods (I have no idea why every Hmong grocery store pluralizes “food”). 

So when I finally get to the Hmong deli attached to Double Dragon Foods, I feel completely out of place. I’ve never felt so out of place at an Asian spot before. Not even in Asia. I feel like I personally made these people lose their land and promise them immigration to America if they killed them some VCs, only to take it all away, send them to America for the promised dreams of a white picket fenced house and a pink Cadillac. Only to force them into Christian groups and sh!tty apartment buildings in snow-all-the-damn-time St. f’n Paul, minutes from the state capital (the house that Jessie “The Body” Ventura built). Plus, I stood out like a sore thumb, dressed appropriately for an American Planning Association National Conference, not for a Hmong deli in St. Paul. Twice I was asked if I was Chinese (completely out of context to the conversations I was having with people). 

But you know what? It was worth it. Cause I got sticky rice, chicken & eggs, the best f’n papaya salad ever (made from scratch), 3 color dessert drank, breaded beef kebabs, and rice sausage all for the Second Great Depression price of $19. Wait, what is rice sausage you ask? Funny you should mention it, cause I didn’t know what it could be either. I had to axe somebody. Is it rice or is it sausage? Is it sweet like a dessert or plain like white rice? Its everything and anything. But the best part is it looks like this: 

Its rice, shaped to look like sausage. But it has the same texture as sausage, including an eerily accurate intestine-like tasting skin.

Its rice, shaped to look like sausage. But it has the same texture as sausage, including an eerily accurate intestine-like tasting skin.

So please, if you’re in Minnesota for some reason, check out the above places, just don’t tell anyone about them. Cause they’re barely Yelp’d, and we all know a great Asian restaurant getting Yelp’d is equivalent to what Chris (the American GI) did to Kim (the Vietnamese hooker) in Miss Saigon.


How to Apply Make-Up and Love Jesus by RiceBunny

aZnHeartThrob is always on the look out for the next ex-Mrs. Throb. And I think I’ve found her: Southern Belle, Michelle Phan, aka Ricebunny.

Ricebunny, you provide the world much needed make-up advice on your own YouTube Page

You rock Batman t-shirts and play Street Fighter Third Strike and talk about unlocking characters on SFIV. You listen to OM Records artists like Samantha James (you Floridians love you them OM Records loungey ish don’t cha?) and have an oh-so soothing voice with a slight Yiet-na-mee accent that comes out when you use terms like “whispy”. But, alas, you’re ex-wifey material cause you still rock the Ed Hardy look (dammnit girl, purple does not go well with eagle or gold chain!):


Christian Audigier ruins lives.

 and the Jesus Love (yes, I went to her MySpace page and found this. I admit it):


Jesus holding Baby Jesus? This somehow reminds me of the always complicated time shifting John Connor plot lines in any of the Terminator films.

Asian American Idol Part Deuce

Join CBruhs and friends for a enchanting evening of: Crooning! Swooning! Prizes! Celebrities! Judging! Celebrity Judges!

Watch local karaoke competitors dust off the magic mic and throw down for a shot at the AA Idol title and goodies like recording a track with an award-winning producer, Rock Band 2, and karaoke packages. And YOU get to vote — feel the dizzying power of democracy in action!


All proceeds benefit the good work of the Coalition for Asian American Children and Families (CACF), the nation’s only pan-Asian children’s rights group. Aaaand it’s in the swankyass club BLVD, with $5 drink specials. Woot!

The Host
Taiyo Na singer/songwriter/MC
The Judges
Parisa Montazaran singer / The Real World Sydney
Heather Park singer and musician
Malan Breton designer / Project Runway
Music by DJ Alias.
Tuesday April 28th
BLVD 199 Bowery @ Spring St,  NYC
$20 pre-sale tix here or $25 at the door.

Presented by CACF Action Council

Urban Outfitter Founder is a Staunch Conservative – What?!

I was going to start a new category called “Hipster Hypocrisy”, but I can’t imagine another blog post ever needing that tag… So bottomline is that Richard Hayne, Founder of Urban Outfitters (or “Dick” Hayne if you went to UPenn, where the founder started Urban Outfitters) hates the gays. Huh? You’re probably thinking back on your last trip to Urban and wondering if you saw a pro-gay marriage shirt alongside the Big Lebowski shirts (cause BL is the new Swingers for this generation’s hipster movie cool),  “Things Go Better With Coke” shirts (I get it, its Coca-Cola! Not, umm…), “Pittsburgh: City of Champions” shirts (I get it! Its hipster ironic cause Pittsburgh actually sucks balls!), or anti-Bush/Pro-Obama shirts (wh-what? I guess this is where the hypocrisy comes in! They even have the nerve to use a NY Times article clipping for the Obama shirt! urgh).

But the worst offense was letting shirts like “New Mexico: Cleaner Than Regular Mexico” pass on by despite all the racial steretypes and sexual innuendos that are typically on Urban shirts, but not allowing a Pro-Gay Marriage shirt to sell after one week on the shelf despite the fact that there was little negative fanfare about the message. The shirt just says “I Support Gay Marriage” in the obligatory all-over print, yet it was pulled from California shelves for only one possible reason: The Founder, tricky Dick Hayne. Apparently, he responded by saying the shirt was selling and threw in “but my CEO’s gay!” Right, cause after ONE WEEK you know the shirts not going to sell… 


But I guess SOME people knew all about this, cause in August of last year a group of “anti-hipster hooligans” destroyed the inside of an Urban Outfitter in Milwaukee.  But I get it. Fine. Dick, you were once a liberal when you graduated college. You originally named your first store The Free People Store. And some of us stay progressive, while others follow Churchill’s words: 

“Any man who is under 30, and is not a liberal, has no heart; and any man who is over 30, and is not a conservative, has no brains.”

But this doesn’t mean you can sit up there in your office and sell us this Obama shirt, and this Obama shirt, and this Obama shirt, and this Pro-Communist shirt, and this anti-Bush shirt, and this “America: Under New Management” shirt, with nary a message that supports any of your own views and think I won’t call out your ass for being a hypocrite. 

Friday Fuckery: The Wang of the Nation

This is equal parts genius and grody, my fave combo. If Jersey is the armpit of America, then according to this MTA map, Brooklyn is the…well, you can see for yourself:

Insert joke involving Flatbush or Ridgewood here

Insert joke involving Flatbush or Ridgewood here

Of course Manhattan is the main attraction and BK is the lesser accessory, the uninvited twins, and the ‘hoods that take way too much effort to mess with.  Yes, I’m talking about commute time, pervs. And where Staten at?

Fellow NYCers, in which part of the male junk system is your subway stop situated?  Looks like I’m roughly somewheres around the, I believe the scientific term for it is, “peehole”. AKA prime real estate in accordance with its central and convenient location. Again — commute time!!!  Now can someone please design an NYC fla-fla map?

Blog War: Bicoastal Bitchin vs. Bicoastal Bitching

We calling you two out

Long & Pointless Sarah and Akymbo of, the good folks of Bicoastal Bitchin, who started off a good half year before your site started, are willing to battle it out for the BcB title. Since we, too, are on both coasts, we are willing to meet in any of the following neutral sites, conveniently located near San Diego, The Bay Area, and/or New York City:

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Barstow, California
Kinsley, Kansas

Cuase its

Kinsley, Kansas: The exact midpoint between SF and NYC

The weapons of choice will be Trivia Night at a neutral bar or Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon. Or, if God willing, you are ready to accept a Dance Battle. Or maybe a drumline off?

Why are we doing this? Cause you are sick, sick people who blog about lepers, sex, and Fascism. But worst of all, when someone accidentally Googles “Bicoastal Bitching”, the correct spelling of our glorious site, instead of “Bicoastal Bitchin”, they get your site. Which is what this blog post is for. Hopefully now we’ll get some “Bicoastal Bitching” Google searches, and all will be well in the universe. Again. Blog War has begun.

pppssstt. Down here.

To whichever Bicoastal Bitch that’s in NYC, let’s get us some drinks! I’m in Brooklyn, but I can meet you in Tribeca or Chelsea or wherever you are… ok, you know how to reach me. bye.

Obama is a Bad@$$ Mutha ***


President Obama’s bestseller, “Dreams of My Father”, is a poignant autobiography of our President’s biracial upbringing. Its also filled with curse words. Curse words that President Obama read for the audiobook edition. Which means there’s mp3’s of him saying classic lines like: 

Ignorant Motherfuckers” and “That guy ain’t shit. Sorry ass motherfucker

Click above quotes for the mp3’s and enjoy.