It’s the Ethnic Dane Cook, Bro!

Duuuude! Have you heard of this AWESOME comedian Pablo Francisco?!  I caught him on Comedy Central last night while I was shaving my twins for the big Zeta kegger, and he’s like MAJORLY fuckin’ funny bro! Aw man, Chet, this will blow your mind man! Pablo’s totally nailed my kinda comedy – fart jokes, poop noises, and roasting on Asian people! HI-FIVE YO!

LIKE BRO! He does this DEAD-ON impression of  William Hung, with the “ting tong” accent and slanty eyes and buck teeth and everything! Dude’s a frickin’ genius! Check it  — the most KILLER awesome lines about that little chinky dude are: “That’s why his face is so flat — when they went Christmas caroling they slammed the door on his face” or “My face is flat, I can bite a wall.” NOIIIIYCCCE!

CLASSIC, dude. CLASSIC.  And he also has this bit about about how black people can make anything into a song, and does a Mexican accent real good, but man, when it comes to Asians, Pablo totally lets it RIP with how fucked up they look and talk! He’s got some WICKED  talent. And he’s a Hispanic or something so it’s TOTALLY OK to laugh – am I right or am I right brah?

And dude woah! Check this suh-weet joke about how weird Chinese people sound having sex!

This Pablo broham is my like new idol, dude. I was just starting to wear out all my Dane Cook dvds anyway, and now I’ve totally got a hard on for this guy.

So anyways, Chet —  I brought over a pack of brews, are we gonna have raunchy bro-on-bro sex now or what?


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