Beta Kappa Beta Pledge Week

BETA KAPPA BETA. Since 1888.


BETA KAPPA BETA. Since 1888.


Thanks everyone for pledging Betas. For the next few posts, in honor of Beta Kappa Beta pledge week, our posts will be written by our resident guest bloggers, the graduating Senior Epsilon Class of 2009. These men and women have been with our institution of higher education for a very short 8 years (doesn’t time fly?!) and we wish them well as they enter the real world. 

As for you pond scum, pledging will be a grueling process, but once you come through the other side, you will be one of us, brothers and sisters. There will be many weeks of elephant walks, cookie eating, and keg tapping, but if you are as dedicated in pledging as you are with attending Sports Psychology classes and celebrating the life and times of Jesus, you will be just fine, Pledges. Now please, put this blindfold on and take off your pants.


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