Stop Wearing A’s Caps You Hipsters!

Yes, I realize the very basis of hipster wear requires you to: 

A. Never, ever match any article of clothing

B. Dress like you don’t give a damn.

C. Wear articles of clothing conveying a message that is somehow ironic.


So the Oakland A’s green and yellow brimmed MLB New Era fitted is perfect because:

A. Yellow and green will (not) match pretty much anything you’re wearing other than, well, yellow or green.

B. Liking the A’s is like telling the world you don’t give a damn. Cause you watch games in a shitty stadium, you like rooting for a Yankees minor league club, you’re gonna do jackshit while your team moves to San Jose, and you prefer the action on the field rather than the whole baseball watching experience (can you tell I’m an SF Giants fan?)

C. Being a white hipster wearing a cap from a team in Oakland, California is as ironic as you can get with any official MLB wardrobe. Unless you start rockin Negro League gear.

So when I saw you, skinny hipster riding your bike in Park Slope with an A’s cap as a helmet, or you skinny gangsta hipster in front of Johnny’s in LA stepping up to me and my crew while wearing an A’s cap. Or when I saw you, white girl, at a Flosstradamus, Kid Sister, and A-Trak party at sxsw:

AzN: Yeah! Oakland!
White girl: What?
AzN: You’re from Oakland?
WG: Yea! Oakland, Colorado!

Understandably, the Colorado Rockies fitted is a little muted and civil servant to match your v-neck American Apparel shirt and plaid Corey Haim in Licensed to Drive button up top, but you gotta show some love to Bay Area folks if you’re rockin’ their shit. (I’m talking to your friends who looked like they wanted to give me a cold, refreshing taste of the Rockies).

So please. Buy a New Era Twisted cap, the ones that have your teams logo, but with the Oakland A’s colors. Like my beloved Giants fitted cap

Cause if you’ve made it on Vice Magazine’s Do’s or Don’t list, as a DO, rockin’ an A’s cap, then you are IT.



20 thoughts on “Stop Wearing A’s Caps You Hipsters!

  1. a. green and yellow does not need to match with anything because as a real A’s fan, my blood already flows green and yellow, bitch.

    b. FUCK YOU. the oakland coliseum is not shitty. the a’s are NOT moving to bland jose. and FUCK YOU (can you tell i’m an OAKLAND A’s fan)

    c. wtf is a white hipster? that’s not a demographic in the town, so stop rockin our shit.


    • fer shizzle sherdizzle!

      GO A’s!!

      Fuck all you halloween gear wearing pansies! Consider yourselves lucky to have seen your team win the series ON TV– 98% of you can count all the games you’ve been to on one hand. Ride that bandwagon, cause it won’t happen again in your lifetime.


    • HAHAHA, just the opening line. Funny thing is that I went looking for A’s caps in Giant’s colors to upset douchers like this clown.


  2. i really wished ex-Bellarmine grad Steve Schott never sold the A’s to Wolfe. But since Wolfe is good buddies with Bud Selig, that makes up for it a bit… Territorial rights what?!

    But seriously, wouldn’t you rather have the team stay in the Bay rather than:

    A. Oakland spending PUBLIC MONIES to keep the team?
    B. Have the team move to PORTLAND or LAS VEGAS?
    C. Have the team continue to play in a stadium that was remodeled strictly for football and 15 years past its prime?


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  4. fuck you kid and fuck the giants and fuck the hipsters too. yer pathetic. Green & Gold Forever. come to our hood, aint shit hipster about it bitch


  5. well, obviously I’m not calling the cats in Oakland hipsters for wearing A’s caps. I’m calling the girl from Colorado a hipster for rocking an A’s cap and not knowing who the Bash Brothers are or Rollie Fingers for that matter.


  6. The Giants are fucking AWESOME!!! They win a world series and then don’t make the playoffs the next year.

    At least the Colosseum doesn’t smell like the seafood area of my grocery store.


  7. It’s okay guys, fans like this P.O.S need to take out their frustrations because their shitty team is going down the drain with their shitty article. What does sf sand for? Stupid fans


  8. You are a fucking idiot. I lived in SF for 15 years and have loved the A’s since Reggie. Shove it, you “hipster” hating doucher. Athletics made the the show, los Giantes did not. Sad face (despite MAD Bay Love for the G-men). Go Elephants, take your blog and throw it in the shitter where is belongs (especially with that 10 year old picture from Vice, you fuck). Go Zito, Go Voggie, Go Andres. Barry: Athletics maybe?


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