Vietnamese Mail Order Husbands

So now I know how it feels to see a white chick visit Viet Nam, fall in love with a local, learn all she can about the culture, learn the language down to an impeccable accent, navigate through the immigration process all just to bring over a stock VN guy that she could have saved some time and gone to Westminster to find. I feel for you my ladies, I realize how awkward it is now… Jokes aside, this is weird. Not because she speaks Vietnamese so well (I grew up with a white aunt that speaks Vietnamese and Vietnamese has been the #6 most spoken foreign language in the U.S. since Census 2000) but because her whole approach is just strange. Why create a whole YouTube page devoted to you speaking Vietnamese so you can be accepted into the community and bring over your husband? Why can’t you just be normal about it? Cause this:


is just plain weird. I’ve been watching the video for a few minutes now, and I think I figured out why I’m so creeped out by you, despite the fact that you’re not hideous looking. I’m 90% sure you have the Crazy Eyes.

Seriously, you need to see all these videos.

Cause they get weirder:

And weirder:

And of COURSE there has to be a photo montage set to The Verve:

Thanks for sending this over Maddie!


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