Oh, How the Mighty Have Fallen

Proof: The Roots Video Blog on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon

Hip Hop just DIED. The Roots aren’t making albums or touring anymore. They’re gonna be the house band for Late Night with Jimmy Fallon starting tonight. WORST PART? They can’t even play their OWN songs on the show cause NBC won’t pay for licensing rights for any music, INCLUDING THE ROOTS’ OWN CATALOG! And why is this all happening? Cause of THE ECONOMY:

The idea gradually sunk in, though, Black Thought says, “the further we were sinking into economic disaster.” When the economy went into recession, ticket sales — their chief source of income — started to slow.

And with album sales tanking and the industry in tatters, acts throughout music are considering different ways to make money.

“It was just sounding better and better as the months went on,” said Black Thought. “The pros outweighed the cons.

When did the economy have anything to do with hip hop? Did the 80s financial crisis affect the amount of money Grandmaster Flash spent on his sneakers? Did the early 90s recession stop LL Cool J from putting Range Rovers in his Hype Williams videos? Now I know how Branford Marsalis fans felt when he joined Leno… But at least I can see my favorite Hip Hop band perform every night now. 

And in the tradition of only blogging about people I have taken pictures with… 




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