The 4th Loneliest Island: Chester Tam

This is for those of you that didn’t watch Hot Rod (or didn’t watch it high or drunk). The movie was a blip in the theaters and was brought to us by the boys from The Lonely Island (Comic geniuses from Berkeley High that have singlehandedly saved SNL this year, Pre-Tina Fey as Sarah Palin). You may have heard of how Lorne Michaels plucked the trio and gave them writer/player roles at SNL. But what you may not have heard was the (un)official fourth member of the crew is an Asian guy: Chester Tam. Here is why they are comic genius: Chester Tam, some flyers, pelvic thrusts and some hard house:

The other crowd pleasers from Lonely Island come from the SNL Digital Shorts, here are my favorites: Andy Punches, Iran So Far, Natalie Raps, Extreme Challenge and the legendary J*** In My Pants. 


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