#1 Tip to being with a Vietnamese Guy

There are many rules, tips, guidelines and strategies to follow when it comes to being with a Vietnamese guy, none of which is more important than the ONE that I am going to share with you today. So by chance if you happen to find that rare breed of unicorn that is the perfect Vietnamese guy, heed this advice not only if you are seeking to marry your Vietnamese man, but especially if you want to have a loving and happy relationship with his family as well. Ready? Here it is: Make sure that his mom is ugly.

You can spend your time vetting out the non-smoking, non-gambling, non-pool hall hustlin’, non-middle of the day cafe sua da drinking, dentist to bring home to mom and dad. And your parents will love that he doesn’t yell out “DO MA!” at the beginning of every other sentence. They’ll be ecstatic that he’s able to make his own money and buy his own home. And what they’ll really enjoy is that they can tell all the relatives that their son in law is a doctor (but really a dentist). However, none of these benefits of landing the perfect Vietnamese man matters once you meet HIS mom. His mom is the one that will make or break your self esteem and happiness with this guy. Why? Have you ever met an older Vietnamese woman? Chances are, on your first encounter with her, she checked you out from head to toe. Examined everything from your hair to your skin to your existent or nonexistent double eyelids. She asked you about your family, your education and upbringing. Bottom line, Vietnamese moms are critical. My mom told me the other day to stop eating because I’m getting fat. (Thanks mom, I will commence starvation soon.)


Now if Vietnamese moms are innately critically, can you imagine if she had a hand in bringing up what in her eyes is the perfect Vietnamese man? Can you imagine the standards she would have for the woman who wants to take him away from her? On top of that, if she were a good looking older Vietnamese woman, the expectations she would have for her future daughter in law would be above that of the above average girl. I’m talking Miss Vietnam Universe, double eyelids galore, porcelain skin, 15 inch waist, nicely manicured nails while constantly doing dishes, perfectly shaped face, long healthy dark hair, and the likes of a Vietnamese goddess while wearing an ao dai. HOWEVER, if she were an ugly woman herself, she may be a little more forgiving when it comes to your physical flaws. A little on the heavy side? Well, if his mom is 5’3″ and tipping 210 on the scale, she’ll probably be less likely to call you the fatass. Got a lazy eye? Hope that his mom has a big ass goiter growing out of her neck. Now, the chances of encountering that hardass Vietnamese woman who is uber critical regardless of her own physical abnormalities are still there. But do hope your man’s mom is one of the humility and less likely to call you out for your kinky curly hair when she is balding. That way, even though she had higher hopes for her son marrying that imaginary Vietnamese goddess, she’ll leave you be with your less than perfect skin and flabby thighs.



So when you do find that perfect Vietnamese guy you intend to marry: a) double check to make sure he’s not already married; b) lemme know if he has an equally perfect brother; and c) pray that his mom is one ugly woman.

Thanks LL for giving me the OK to write this completely politcally incorrect post about our peepos.


11 thoughts on “#1 Tip to being with a Vietnamese Guy

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  2. Omg!I I am brown! Is that means I have no hope to date a vietnamese guy? The onlything taht I could pass is being skinny and with a perfect hair!


  3. I was hanging out with a vietnamese guy for 4 months till he said we will start dating exclusively by the way im a filipina….yah as i said were dating then he has to go to vietnam to visit relatives for 2 weeks…later then he txted me that he has gf back there and his sorry as he came back to the US his been asking me to hang out with him again eventhough he has a gf…what should i do? I kinda like him


  4. he sounds like trouble, like most viet guys are. forget about him, stat. you are too good for him, obviously. by the way, SUP, girl? IF you want to give another vietnamese guy a chance. H O L L A.


  5. Yeah this is difficult! I don’t know what is ugly in Asian terms if you are white!!! I’m taller than my boyfriend, slim fit body but I’m also from Northern Europe so it all depends right? Blond hair, green eyes, normal Caucasian nose. Anyways, usually in Asia especially in China people say I’m beautiful and I have great skin (yeah it is so white) but would it be ok for my boyfriend’s mom I have no idea…:D Cool article though! šŸ™‚


  6. I just broke up with my ex vietnamese boy friend.
    I thought he love me sincerely, and also really serious to take our relation into married. But, unfortunately he is a jerk. 1 week after he back to his country, he said our relation is no hope,and said many reason to avoid from his promises to bring our relation into marriage. I still can not accept this till today, feel like he throwed me as a rubbish. Then, I searched the article talk about vietnamese man, oh my gosh i can’t believe that i found so many article talk about the vietnamese man is lazy, liar, love cheating,etc. Can’t believe that. Ckckckkckck…
    I felt so thankful i broke up with me in very quick time, if not i will get hurt more in long term.


    • Really? Ur case is same with me. 1 month already after I broke up with my ex bf. He is vietnamese man. We broke up after 2 weeks he came back to Vietnam for holiday. After he came back he said that his parent and his family didnt allow him to marry with foreigner (I am not vietnamese. I am Indonesian born Chinese). Is vietnamese man like that? Is it true just because his parent and his family not because another girl? I asked him but he said because of his parent and his family.


      • No, not all Vietnamese man are like that. If he truly loved you he would put a side whatever his parent said and be with you, but keep in mind that often some Asian parents from the main land tend to favor girls from their own main land. My mother is a Vietnamese women, she would prefer that I marry a Vietnamese girl (no language barrier) but she wouldn’t mind if I marry a foreign girl as long as I’m happy that’s all it matters( surely I’ll teach my wife to speak Vietnamese just so that she can impress my mom šŸ™‚ ) . But overall not all Vietnamese guys are a liar, cheater , or lazy


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