Operation Babylift World Premiere in Santa Ana


Playing Friday, April 3 at the Bowers Museum on 2002 North Main Street, Santa Ana 92706

7:30pm – 9:00pm – Movie Screening 
9:00pm – 9:30pm – Q&A

Tickets are $8, purchase here


Through the ashes of the Vietnam War, there rises a forgotten story of inspiring heroism about the resilience of the human spirit.

In war-torn Vietnam, impoverished orphanages swelled with cast aside babies and children, many the offspring of American GIs. They were the lost children, bui doi, the dust of life. International agencies like Holt International, Friends For All Children, Friends For the Children of Vietnam, Catholic Relief Service, International Social Services, International Orphans, and the Pearl S. Buck Foundation had already been in place to care for the children and arrange for their adoption and departure. As the war raged around them, many individuals risked their lives to make sure that the children would have a home of their own. As a desperate measure, Ed Daly (President of World Airways) commissioned his own flight and left Vietnam with 57 children on board. In the last days before the fall, time was of the essence. Volunteers worked under the most strained of conditions, with minimal supplies and food. With the impending Fall of Saigon only weeks away, President Gerald R. Ford ordered a $2 million initiative to airlift Vietnamese orphans to safety on April 3, 1975.

The issues that surround Operation Babylift are not without controversy. The first scheduled flight, a C-5A Galaxy cargo plane, crashed into a rice paddy shortly after taking off from Tan Son Nhut airport. Of the 330 passengers, 154 children and volunteers perished. Some criticized Babylift as a ploy for manipulating public opinion toward the war. Others felt it was America’s way of showing cultural imperialism. Documentation on the orphans was sketchy. Babylift was riddled with class action law suits – against Ed Daly, against the plane manufacturer, against the President himself.

In light of all this, Operation Babylift has been coined by many as “one of the most humanitarian efforts of all time.” In the course of a few weeks, over 3,000 orphans were taken to safety all over the world. More children were adopted in the US from Vietnam during this short interval in history than the total for the past 30 years. But the story is not over…

Thanks to Angry Asian Man for the post. 


Why the F Do You Have a Kid (Dot Com)

Flipping through this website gives me flashbacks of my days at Chaboya Middle School in Eastside San Jose (Ch-Cha-Chaboya! ROLL CALL!). Pregnant teens, droppin E in the middle of classes, knife fights between the 7th grade AzNs/Blacks vs. the 8th grade AzNs/Mexicans, and running into old classmates working at Wal-Mart and Safeway. The site, whythefuckdoyouhaveakid.com is pure, brilliant, and purely brilliant. Not much more to add other than to say I’m pro-choice for all the following reasons. 

I would just as well like to see a scan of the message on the back of this studio pic

I would just as well like to see a scan of the message on the back of this studio pic

Ancient Chinese Proverb

Confucius say smile if you will make millions off of Confucius.

Confucius say smile if your paycheck have many zeroes.

Confucius say only one Chinese actor can play Confucius in biopic, Chow Yun Fat. Confucius also say irony of People’s Republic of China funding Confucius biopic not lost on Confucius because of Maoist suppression of Confucius teachings. Confucius lastly say speaking like Confucius more fun than speaking like Yoda.

Nude Dead Prezs

Cody: Dude, like, I smoked a whole bowl last night and I totally had a trippin dream. Like, I dreamed that my friend, this one Asian chick, like, did all the Presidents.

Chad: What what? Woah. That’s a trip man. So she went through all 44 Presidents? nutso. So did she, like, do the two terms Presidents twice and ish?

Cody: Man, I don’t know, but I had my girl paint what it was like: 

Martha was out getting new Spring time bonnets.

Martha was out getting new Spring time bonnets.

Chad: OH SNAP! You should totally have her paint some more, man. I’d pay to see Obama Ba-rock her world.

Cody: Dude, that was a horrible pun. My girl, Justine Lai painted all of her Presidential escapades, but you probably shouldn’t look at them if you’re at work and stuff: justinelai.com/works.html. She went to Stanfurd, so she must know what she’s doing, right?

It’s the Ethnic Dane Cook, Bro!

Duuuude! Have you heard of this AWESOME comedian Pablo Francisco?!  I caught him on Comedy Central last night while I was shaving my twins for the big Zeta kegger, and he’s like MAJORLY fuckin’ funny bro! Aw man, Chet, this will blow your mind man! Pablo’s totally nailed my kinda comedy – fart jokes, poop noises, and roasting on Asian people! HI-FIVE YO!

LIKE BRO! He does this DEAD-ON impression of  William Hung, with the “ting tong” accent and slanty eyes and buck teeth and everything! Dude’s a frickin’ genius! Check it  — the most KILLER awesome lines about that little chinky dude are: “That’s why his face is so flat — when they went Christmas caroling they slammed the door on his face” or “My face is flat, I can bite a wall.” NOIIIIYCCCE!

CLASSIC, dude. CLASSIC.  And he also has this bit about about how black people can make anything into a song, and does a Mexican accent real good, but man, when it comes to Asians, Pablo totally lets it RIP with how fucked up they look and talk! He’s got some WICKED  talent. And he’s a Hispanic or something so it’s TOTALLY OK to laugh – am I right or am I right brah?

And dude woah! Check this suh-weet joke about how weird Chinese people sound having sex!

This Pablo broham is my like new idol, dude. I was just starting to wear out all my Dane Cook dvds anyway, and now I’ve totally got a hard on for this guy.

So anyways, Chet —  I brought over a pack of brews, are we gonna have raunchy bro-on-bro sex now or what?

Blake and Eric Make an Action Flick

This ish is actually playing on Clement in the Richmond, the heart of SF's suburban Chinatown.

This ish is actually playing on Clement in the Richmond, the heart of SF's suburban Chinatown.

Editor’s note: Please click on comments below to hear from the Producer of Dogs of Chinatown, Blake Faucette and lead actor, Eric Jacobus.  

Eric: Dude, let’s totally make an action movie!

Blake: Dude! How did we NOT think of this before? 

Eric: Dude! Let’s start a movie company called Contour cause I like the contour of my Asian girlfriend’s back!

Blake: And I totally DRIVE a Ford Contour!

Eric: I know! Right? Let me try writing up the plot. *PUFF* *PUFF* *COUGH* Alright. I got it. Here goes: 

Contour’s Eric Jacobus stars as Jack, a down on his luck dude who thinking of ending his own life one night, steps into a mob hit and saves the life of a young woman, Jin (Thi). She turns out to be the mistress of a local Chinese kingpin who is impressed with Jack’s nerve and people killing skills. He offers Jack a position in his ‘family’ sending him to train in the arts of martial, war and murder. Adapting to his new lifestyle with vigour, Jack becomes an elite killing machine but cannot stop his growing feelings for Jin. Soon the two are lovers and torn between his loyalty to his new ‘family’ and that of his woman, Jack sets out on a deadly course of action which will see the city’s gangs turning violently against one another and Jack and Jin fighting for their freedom and lives.

Blake: But Eric, we need like, race wars, violence and nude Chinese bitches, you know what I mean? My frat boys back at BC ain’t gonna watch it if there’s none of that. 

Eric: Ok, how about I add this ish then: 

The film is also violent in nature keeping in with the tone of warring gangsters meaning blood is spilt, there is a fair bit of nudity and you really feel it when characters are killed.

Blake: Dude, this movie sounds dark. I want Steven Seagal in Under Seige 2, NOT Steven Seagal in Under Seige 1! 

Eric: Ooooh! Why didn’t you SAY so. Remember that Chinese dude we used to F with back at our parents’ vacation pad in Scottsdale, Arizona?

Blake: The one that delivered Chinese food on a moped?

Eric: Yea dude, Imma write a character like HIM into the movie:

Mercifully, there is a sense of humour, proceedings never taking themselves too seriously. Most of the comic relief comes from Jack’s trainer, Wei (Brian Lee) who, often drunk, has some great one liners especially when it comes to picking up women.

Blake: So we gotta find a lead character that knows Kar-a-te…

Eric: Yea bro. Let’s go down to the Wushu class downtown.

Blake: But everyone there’s Chinese and Filipino.

Eric: Oh thank God you said that. Cause I was TOTALLY not wanting an Oriental dude as the lead. We wouldn’t make any money outside of San Francisco and, umm, where ever else the F there’s Chinese dudes.

Blake: How we gonna find a white dude that knows karate then?

Eric: Let’s just YouTube “White” and “Karate” and treat those videos as audition videos. Or I can just do it. 

Cody: But the girl’s gonna be Chinese though, right?

Eric: FUCK YEA! Ain’t no one gonna believe a white dude that knows karate would be into a white girl. And I know just the Chinese broad to do it. My girlfriend’s hot younger cousin Huyen Thi.

Blake: I think she’s Vietnamese, not Chinese.

Eric: *PUFF* eh?  Whatever, let me add a bio on Huyen Ti on the website and add this, cause I totally think all Asian girls want white dudes all the time: 

Eric Jacobus’ chemistry with Huyen Thi works well, the two making a believable couple. 

Blake: You keep changing the spelling of Huyen’s last name on the website from Ti to Thi.

Eric: Dude. You are being so critical. I’m spelling it phonetically when I want to, OK?

Blake: And I think we need more Chinese people to make this believable as a Hong Kong action flick type movie.

Eric: But we’re filming this in Winston-Salem and Raleigh! Fine, I’ll add something: mob boss, Chinese waiter, massage parlor madam. I’ll think of something: 

There is also fine support from Rudy Chu as the Chinese mob boss and Brian Lee as Jack’s trainer, who manages to switch from drunken comedy clown to kick ass fighter with ease.

Blake: Great. Let me get my dad’s AmEx Black and we’ll be on our way.

Eric: *Puff*. F that. I just finished the trailer. I made sure I’m F’n the Chinese broad and pulling her hair and stuff all over the trailer in between punching out Asian dudes with mah fists and ish. Yea!

Blake: You’re a sick, sick man. But I likes! Let’s call it Dogs of Chinatown

Beta Kappa Beta Pledge Week

BETA KAPPA BETA. Since 1888.


BETA KAPPA BETA. Since 1888.


Thanks everyone for pledging Betas. For the next few posts, in honor of Beta Kappa Beta pledge week, our posts will be written by our resident guest bloggers, the graduating Senior Epsilon Class of 2009. These men and women have been with our institution of higher education for a very short 8 years (doesn’t time fly?!) and we wish them well as they enter the real world. 

As for you pond scum, pledging will be a grueling process, but once you come through the other side, you will be one of us, brothers and sisters. There will be many weeks of elephant walks, cookie eating, and keg tapping, but if you are as dedicated in pledging as you are with attending Sports Psychology classes and celebrating the life and times of Jesus, you will be just fine, Pledges. Now please, put this blindfold on and take off your pants.