Gary Gots It On Locke



Gary Locke, Washington State’s former Governor and FIRST! Chinese American Governor in America, is doin big thangs. As a Washingtonian born and bred – I puff with pride to think of our Belov’d Gov likely named as (FIRST!) Commerce Secretary for the Obama inner circle.

Ok, I admit that during Locke’s 1996-2004 reign I was a youngin more preoccupied with nurturing my newfound love of schnapps and snatching up the latest Elfquest issues at Comics Corner (and managing my blinding popularity, obviously) than local politics. But in general, my hazy teen memory tells me that I did indeed vote for his re-election when I was of age, he generally kicked ass, and was well loved by PNWers.

No stranger to the projects and public school, racist threats against his family, and right-wing assassination plots, Gary is one tough mother that’s down with the proles — not some high-falutin’ elitist politician. And don’t forget his smokin’ wife, Mona!

Runway worthy. Former Newscaster. Hawt Dayum.

Runway worthy. Former Newscaster. Hawt Dayum.

Plus, he rocked the flyest haircut in the history of elected officialdom:

It's a bowl cut, bitches. Bow down.

It's a bowl cut, bitches. Bow down.

Aaaand his niece or something went to my high school (what up Emily! Sorry I was such a hosebeast in Chem). But I digress! Along with Steven Chu and Eric Shinseki, this could make three Asian Americans in the Obama Cabinet. And that’s the kinda world I wanna live in someday. Go Gary Go!
UPDATE:  Locke clinched it! How sweet it is that the position once likely to go to New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson — whose nomination drew opposition from groups like Chinese for Affirmative Action due to his bigoted witchhunt, denial of due process, and false accusations of espionage against Dr. Wen Ho Lee — is now occupied by a Chinese American. Eat it Richardson!

4 thoughts on “Gary Gots It On Locke

  1. I can’t believe I’m friends with an Elf Quest reader… when you said you read comics, I was thinking indie graphic novels, not middle earth, cosplay, dungeon & dragons stuff. Do you have dragons circling a crystal ball statue your apt too!?


  2. Hey! when did you sneak a look in my apt? don’t you know EQ is a gateway comic to the “cooler” graphic arts? i didn’t understand half of the references in your comment, nerd.


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