Filipinos Get Their 40 Acres and a Mule

Filipino American War Veterans

Filipino American War Veterans

Filipinos have always been as American as Cup o’ Noodles and Rice-a-Roni. Although they were never interned during World War II like Japanese Americans or thrown into baskets carrying dynamite like canaries during the building of the railroads like Chinese Americans, Filipinos have always been shafted by The Man. From the Philippine-American War years, to President Taft stating that “our little brown brothers” would need “fifty or one hundred years” of close supervision “to develop anything resembling Anglo-Saxon political principles and skills”, up to World War II where Filipinos were asked to fight alongside American soldiers in exchange for money and citizenship, which President Truman later denied. But this week, Hawaii Democratic Senator Daniel K. Inouye‘s Filipino reparations bill was slipped into Obama’s stimulus package as a way of gettin’ it done. Congrats to doing what was right while urking the neocons.


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