Dragonball Z: Another White Actor in Yellow Face

Does this look like a hite guy to you?

Does this look like a white guy to you?

Its a cartoon. I know. But please file this under “another case of Hollywood bitchin out on hiring a good Asian American actor to portray an Asian character and instead getting a white actor to play yellow face”. Please. ALL the other supporting actors are Asian, including BcB fav Jamie Chung (when you coming back to Bay Samurai Girl!?) and Chow Yun “I thought I couldn’t stoop any lowering than playing the modern day Mr. Miyagi in Bulletproof Monk but I’m doing it again” Fat.

I don’t get upset anymore, I just get disappointed. Disappointed that good Asian American actors can’t get the starring roles they deserve and just sad to see that Hollywood thinks American isn’t ready to see an Asian Dragonball Z. Actually, I’m sorta happy they didn’t tap John Cho to do an F’N shitty karate film with shitty Canadian looking special effects. But what DOES make me upset is the YEARS AND YEARS of jokes I get when my hair is spikey: “Hey DRAGONBALL!”. They don’t yell that shit to a white guy with spikey hair, do they? If I have to sit through that shit, you better be damn sure I expected the star of Dragonball Evolution to be Aaron Yoo or even BD Wong, I don’t fucking care. Not the rich man’s Dell Computer Guy:

Thanks to my boy Philly for this post. Although I can’t call you Frisco no more, I can offer you a REAL tour of SF whenever you want. Alcatraz and the new Academy of Sciences not included.


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