Yoo Sucks

Yoo Suck!


Waterboarding is fun! Its just like Chinese water torture! I should know, cause I'm Chinese! I swear!

The hoebag list keeps on rolling. The latest casualty is a double hurtin’ for AzN himself. AzN dude (yea!), worked for the Bush Administration (boo!), Boalt Law School Prof at Berkeley (Go Bears!), pretty much singled-handedly wrote the justification for waterboardin our enemy combatants at Guantanamo Bay (double boo!). Oh, he also wrote an opinion that allowed the Bush administration to wire tap domestically, on citizens! Thank you John Yoo. The Constitution is a great thing to shit on. Torture, schmorture. Waterboardn’ sounds fun, doesn’t it?! Its kinda like what you did with that Florida A&M co-ed during Spring Break ’98. Except it involves tiring you up and throwing a wet cloth down your throat instead of fluffy pink handcuffs attached to a Holiday Inn bedpost, water poured on your face and through your throat until you gag instead of sprayed on a wet T-shirt at Señor Frog’s and your partner wasn’t the head cheerleader for the football team, it was a soldier that probably looked like the Appalachian Peppermint Patty from Abu Ghraib. 

Apparently, Obama’s gonna use our tax dollas to defend you, while also rejecting watahboardn’. I realize that going after Rumsfeld and these folks won’t help you get the right wing to support your shit, but so far electing Pubes to high level cabinet positions and reaching across the aisle for support ain’t helping with getting anything passed. Maybe we should be focused on helping get Stuart into office in Minnesota and sending Rumsfeld’s boys to The Hague as sacrificial lambs. That’ll get us international brownie points, but sadly, won’t get you re-elected in the bucolic red states of the South. But it sho would make a brother happy!  


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