Just returned from DC, and I will admit I was on the fence about going at all. Because of the cold. And the crowds. The portapottie situation, and my small bladder and finicky bowels. And because I am an old lady that worries about these things. But we all worked hard to see this day come and the time to poop the party is not now. Not now, dammit! And yes, it was freezing, yes I had to walk for 3 hours hauling all my stuff across town due to Metro closures, and okay, my bum knee did start to hurt. And y’know what? Worth it!
Here’s my brief play-by-play from the whirlwind and enchantment that is Obama fever (minus the pics of me flailing at Rock Band in my friend’s uncle’s basement).


-Chucked my Chucks at the “Give Bush the Boot” blow-up doll. All kiddies should throw tied pairs over the Bush schnozz as an alternative to telephone wires.

-Made party banter with the man himself:

What's that you say B?

What's that you say B?

Ah! Your Commander-in-Chief wit! There is no end to it!

Ah! Your Commander-in-Chief wit slays me! Sssssnap!

My bad 'bout that farty smell, B. Totally me. Lactose intolerance can be awkward.

My bad 'bout that farty smell, B. Totally me. Lactose intolerance can be awkward.

-Look! We even have the same glasses! We were made for each other.

Although Obama's prescription is not a -11.

Although Obama's prescription is not a -11.

-Sleeping on a floor with seven people, to rise at the rump crack of dawn and march with millions to the National Mall.


-Favorite comments overheard in the peanut gallery: “Party time!” and “Are those the slut twins?” when the Bush girls came out. Also…”OOH Rahm Emanuel! Mmm! Obama sure did give us somethin good to look at for the next four years!”…”Joe Lieberman- that’s the traitor!  We know about politics!”

-Deafening cheers and claps of gloved hands sounding like thunder for Reverend Lowery’s perfect wrap-up: Lord…we ask you to help us work for that day when black will not be asked to get in back, when brown can stick around, when yellow can be mellow, when the red man can stick around, man, and when white will embrace what is right. The good Rev. brung it, and he brung it old school.


-Leaving the Mall with mobs of people, I hear “there it goes!” and look up just in time to see Bush’s helicopter lift off from the Capitol Building to the White House…for the last time. Forever and ever, amen.

Na na na na-hey hey hey-goodbyeeee

Na na na na-hey hey hey-goodbyeeee

It’s a celebration Bicoastal Bitches!


6 thoughts on “Inaugurawesome!

  1. halarious girl…..i love it!!!!!!!!!

    obama doesn’t care about you not being able to digest milk enzymes..

    i loved it! “slut twins” — its fucked up but those girls just look stupid… i guess its completely genetic.


  2. Recently at a bar in DC:

    aZn: What do you want to drink?
    Bruh: Hmmmm.
    aZn: A white russian? Cause you’re a lac-toad!
    Bruh: Sure.
    aZn: Wait. What? But you’re lactose intolerant?
    Bruh: Whatever.
    aZn: But we’re driving home in 30 minutes
    Bruh: I don’t care.
    aZn: Damn. *orders white russian*
    Bruh: *gulp*…………… *pssshhhh* ….. *ahhhhh*


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