Kurt Warner is a Preachy Douchebag

As a Niners fan, I hate Kurt Warner. But he’s got so many other reasons to be hated on.  Including his fashion sense:
His shirt says Jesus Saves in Cantonese.

His shirt says Jesus Saves in Cantonese

And his LOVE of Jesus. And when I mean love, I mean he LOVES Jesus. Praying on the field, thanking Jesus instead of ever giving a real interview. And not just living a Christian life. We talkin an “everyone ELSE is going to HELL except ME cause I’m Christian” kinda Christian. You know, the real compassionate kind. Explaining to his teammates how they’re going to hell if they don’t believe in Jesus:

“No question. Especially when it comes to family members. There’s no doubt about it. I’m very, very worried about it. I’ve done numerous things along the way to try to lead them down the path that I believe leads to salvation, but many times to no avail.” And if you don’t believe me cause I don’t drop Jesus’ name like its Sunday everyday, check the video:

But to get a truly great idea of the genius we dealing with, here’s a video of him describing to us the difference between Jesus and God. Genius stuff:

And don’t forget his overbearing, anti-stem cell research, homophobic, mullet sportin’ wifey:

Kurt Warner's Mom, I mean... urm, his wifey

Kurt Warner's Mom, I mean... urm, his wifey


8 thoughts on “Kurt Warner is a Preachy Douchebag

  1. Geez this is truly brilliant. Who wrote this bit what a Douchebag! Guess it takes a Douche bag to smell another douche bag Haha…..


  2. Good Job Kurt Keep preaching the gospel dude. Don’t worry about the haterz Jesus said ” If they hate you know that they hated me first”

    Hell is real!


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