Asian Americans Love College

You ever look up a famous Asian American actor or actress on They always went to college. Always. It’s like their parents all made a deal with them in high school:


What? You want to acting? What you go do acting for? I don’t have time to see you in school play, how I know you do acting? Ok. You make papa happy. Ok? You go to college, I pay for. Study biology or accounting. Act on weekend. If you still like, ok. You do acting. But only after medical school. Or bar exam. 


Check out this list. Its like a 95% college matriculation rate among Asian American actors! Considering guys like Ryan Reynolds (Kwantlen College) and Brad Pitt (Univ. of Missouri) went to college, but never graduated, there’s a significant gap between Asian and White actors:  


John Cho: UC Berkeley
Kal Penn: UCLA (currently also teaching at UPenn)
Roger Fan: Brown
BD Wong: SF State
Aaron Yoo: UPenn
Ming Na Wen: Carnegie Mellon
Masi Oka: Brown
Garrett Wang: UCLA
Rick Yune: UPenn

(Asians really love UPenn, Brown and UC schools don’t they?)


I think a lot of this has to do with the success rate of Asian American actors. None of them are stupid enough to think they can drop out of high school or college, take the cliched “bus to Hollywood” and find an agent and get booked in a movie all in one week. They know its gonna be tough, and long, and most likely unsuccessful. So they act. On the side. On the weekends, at night. Take drama classes. And finish their degrees. Cause deep down inside they know Hollywood doesn’t give a Fuck if they went to an Ivy League school, as long as their eyes are slanted and skin yellow, they will most likely lose roles to some hot, white, high school dropout actor.


2 thoughts on “Asian Americans Love College

  1. My claim to fame is that John Cho ate at my parent’s restaurant while he was at UC Berkeley… all I remember is, my sister and I called him The Cute Guy. LOL


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