Free Tee Shirt, Now!

shirt-smallOur now defunct Sista Sista website, McCain Hates Gooks dot com has a limited stock of extra shirts that we gonna give out for free. Just in time for you to rock at the January 20th inauguration for Barack!

That’s right, Fo Free. As my friend Lucy L. would say: “If it’s free, it’s for me, I’ll take three”. But alas, we doing one free for each address. So hurry up.

Just email us at

bicoastalbitchin [at] yahoo [dot] com

with your mailing address and that’s it! Supplies are limited, remember to send us your size, men’s or women’s, and we’ll do our best to send you the closest size.

If any of you don’t know where this “McCain Hates Gooks” line came from, check out this SF Gate article detailing Senator John McCain use of the racial slur: gook in his 2000 Presidential campaign. The campaign was started to spread the news of his racism, and peaked when the website appeared in a UK Guardian article.


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