Don’t Call Me a Brotha, Hyeongje!

K-O Kay Kim, The Korean Rapper

K-O Kay Kim, The Korean Rapper

What happens if you took 50 Cent, but replaced his Black identity with a Korean one, took away the bullet holes, the thug life background, the rhyming skills, English, and any talent whatsoever? You would get a mockery to hip hop: Kay Kim, aka K-O, the Korean rapper, rhyming the N***** word with shorty fuck this and that every other sentence. And cute Korean girls who are waaaay to skinny for Juicy Couture short shorts.

Thanks Scott, for keeping me up with the comings and goings of Seoul, SK. You should be ashamed proud of yourself.


3 thoughts on “Don’t Call Me a Brotha, Hyeongje!

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  2. Ahhh he’s got nothing on the underground rappers of South Korea.. look at the likes of Verbal Jint, Vasco, Brown Sugar and Untouchable to name a few


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