Obamix by King Most

My boy DJ King Most outta SF decided to make a tribute mix cd for Barack Obama. Cool you think. It was. But the best part? Someone from Obama’s camp heard it and liked it. How much? So much so that he received some inauguration tix in the mail thanking him for making the mix. Yes. Inauguration tickets. To Obama’s January 20 Inauguration. The same ones Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer donated $200,000 for. The same ones people are asking for on Craigslist in exchange for ridiculous offers. The same ones that chairwoman of the Joint Committee on Inaugural Ceremonies Senator Dianne Feinstein is trying to make a misdemeanor to scalp. Goes to show you, not only is our President-elect cool enough to know about mixtapes, he’s classy enough to hook up his true supporters.

In King Most’s words:

The intent of this mix was to try and capture what WE’VE all been feeling these past months: hope, struggle, and the importance of facing a challenge. It also serves as a reminder, and perhaps an introduction to what OUR candidate is all about. With that being said enjoy, register, & get involved

History, Change, & Victory In November
-King Most

The Track Listing:
Intro/Smoked Sugar: I’m A Winner
Roy Davis Jr.: People Get Ready
Jackson 5: We’re Almost There (DJ Spinna Remix)
Erykah Badu: Solider (Sasaac Remix)
Masta Ace: Beautifull
Black Spade: We Need A Revolution
Skull Snaps: It’s A New Day
Marvin Gaye & The Mizzel Brothers: We Are We Going?
James Brown: Mind Power
Antibals: Si Se Puede
Grandmaster Flash: The Message (Next Message Blend Version)
Dj Day: A Place To Go
Double Exposure: Everyman For Himself
Donald Byrd: Change Makes Ya Wanna Hustle
Stevie Wonder: Blackman (Kay Sputnik Re-Edit)
L.T.D.: Love To The World
Cymande: Bra
Pitbull: American War
The Dynamics: Move On Up

Download the Mix Here:

Obamix by King Most

Obamix by King Most

Congrats King Most. If y’all wanna hear him spin, weekly party info can be found here on his MySpace page, or you can download videos and mixtapes here:


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