How about some Filipino food?

Some words that very, very rarely slip out of my mouth: “How about some Filipino food?”. I honestly never ever feel like eating Filipino food. It’s probably the least popular of all Asian cuisine, in my eyes. I always thought that it was too bland, too sweet, or too fatty. But I’ve had some pretty damn good dishes, longanesa or tosilog at 3 am at the Cafe Colma in Lucky Chances Casino, Colma, CA or my boy Tim Lyum’s mean ass chicken adobo wings at Poleng Lounge in SF. And of course all my friends’ moms dishes. Invite me to a Filipino bday party and give me a bowl of rice, some tosilog, and a cup of vinegar (maybe balut to top off the meal) and leave me the F alone of a few minutes!

But there just isn’t Filipino cuisine, no amazing dining tradition. So in a lot of ways, it’s the true Asian street food experience. Something that hasn’t been appropriated by the French and infused with European influences (ie, smaller portions, on a bigger plate, for mo money). So when I see a sign like this, I think, “this place ain’t gonna last”. Cause unless its on the street or served during a 5 year old’s bday next to an astrojump, it’s gonna be shitty.

Not as exciting as a Waffle House or Sonic's opening up...

Not as exciting as a Waffle House or Sonic's opening up...


3 thoughts on “How about some Filipino food?

  1. UGH…how about we consult our good f-bright friend re: this issue. btw, poleng lounge’s menu is 50 percent filipino dishes.

    btw, next time you are in new york…i’ll take you to some spots.


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