Merry Christmas to Some and to All a Good Night!


6 lbs 6 oz of Baby Jesus.

All 6 lbs 6 oz of Him.



As a non-practicing Catholic, I generally do not go to church. But on Holy Days of Obligation, like Christmas Day, there is no where else I’d rather be than with my parents, heading to Church, then grabbing some Pho or Mi Hoang Thanh afterwards. I went to a Catholic high school, which is what pushed me away from the idea of organized religion. But the one thing I did learn in high school was the Jesuit way of teaching Catholicism, which is very controversial for many Catholics because the order is not completely against homosexuality or women in the priesthood. Which is, for many, equivalent to aborting babies in the parking lot of the Vatican. So it pains me a lot to listen to the sermons when I go to my parents’ church, Santa Maria Goretti, a predominantly Latino, Filipino, and Vietnamese church. Where the priests come directy from Quezon City, PI and the choir is singing half of the hymms in Tagalog. It pains me because the Catholic Church has, for a few years now, been on a very exclusive tip. For example, the Christmas day sermon for us was about how the Non-Catholics have appropriated the holiday with their Christmas trees, Santa Clauses, and spending sprees. Lost is the true spirit of Christmas, which is the birth of Jesus Christ. “Happy Holidays” he concludes, is a term created by the Non-Christians to commercialize the “Holy Day”. We should, in fact, say “Merry Christmas” only. You know, like true Catholics. What kills me also is that NO ONE IN THE CHURCH is listening. Blank stares and horsing around mostly. Most of the time, I’m sitting there with a look of disdain listening to the priest talk, because I want to raise my hands and debate the guy. If people around me were listening, they’d be nodding their heads, right?! Is Christmas time, which is for a lot of people, the only time that family get together, a time we should really be debating the merits of saying Merry Christmas versus saying Happy Holidays? Its a good thing no one’s ever listening in church…


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