Latimos-Emotitus in its native habitat

Latinos-Emotionous (most commonly known as Latemos) in their native habitat

Latemo /La∙tee∙mo/ Noun, proper. Derives from the two terms, “Latino” and “emo”. Describes a person of Latino descent who is most influenced by the “emo” culture of softcore stylized artistic, musical, and fashionable senses. Typically wears black clothing and listens to sensitive rock bands. The Latemo scene was thrown into the international spotlight after several protests and anti-emo hate crimes occurred in Mexico in 2008 (led, surprisingly by two groups most commonly confused with emos: punks and rockabillies).

The term Latemo was coined by the legendary Steve N. in Los Angeles, California, home of the largest Latemo population outside of Mexico City, Mexico. Latemo bars and scenes in LA are commonly known as some of the most fun and safe places to go, if one can ignore the music, of course…


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